Page 27 of 366: Worship My Stickers and Stamp Pad, Worship Them!

Page 27

To calm down my pissed off heart over something office related, which I don’t want to state here anymore, I bought me a handful of stickers and a coloured stamp pad. Cute and colourful calms me down.

These are plastic die-cut stickers. Are they not so cute?

Sticker pads with lots and lots of mini smiley and flowery stickers inside.  There is one pad that I like too, it’s a ballgame themed sticker pad but my money is not enuff. Pffft.

My favourite one, my coloured stamp pad, yay! The elephant plushie is not included, it is Rein’s, hehehe!

Posted these pics on Facebook, and Nikki, my childhood friend commented that up to now, I am still into stickers, pens, notebooks, all the nitty gritty stuff. Told her that I never seem to outgrow that phase, hahaha! Summer was even asking me last night when am I going to die so she can have my stuff. Rein said she wanted my toys and my makeup, especially the red lipsticks. She even made me swear! Goodness! They love my collection, not their auntie. Materialistic nieces.

In revenge, I made Rein bowed down and worshiped my stickers. Bow down, you lowly mortal. Mwahahaha!


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