OMG! So It Is True That Lee Minho and Park Minyeong …

… have broken up! Details here and here. *does a banana dance*

So, the girl who broke my (delusional fangirl) heart into a bajillion pieces is now single again.

I could be immature and act all happy and squealing because, well, in the first place, I was never a fan of them. I was actually hysterical (well, exagg :-p) when I learned that they were together because iwanthertobewithparkyucheongoddammitpleaseletmedream!

But then, a broken heart is still a broken heart and I could understand whatever pain she’s been through. (Why do I feel like a hyprocrite typing this? I know, I know, my immature side is winning and is jumping with joy over the breakup!) There, I said it.

With that said, I think I can now watch City Hunter in peace.

Yes, I still cannpt bring myself to post a pic of them together, regardless of their current status, thus the single Minyeong image.

5 thoughts on “OMG! So It Is True That Lee Minho and Park Minyeong …

  1. At last! the fated day has come! LOL…I have been a fan of ChunYoung couple(well, it’s obvious in my username…LOL) and my heart too was shattered when MM dated (though I still doubt if that can be called a relationship, hehe..had my own suspicions). But there is a mixture of sadness and joy when I’ve heard the news. As a MY fan, I feel sad for her because she must be hurt, not mainly because of their break-up but because of the bashing she received from MH’s fangirls for the past 5 months. I’m a little happy, well I think I don’t need to say it LOL, because MY is single and ready to mingle again…I hope YooChun makes his move now that his dear Yoon Hee is now available and free from his greatest “karibal” CIty Hunter, go Garang! hehehe…^_^

    1. Hahaha! OMG, I feel so mean being happy over the breakup, I am sure there are other fans out there who would want to throw rocks at me for being like this, but I don’t ke-e-e-e-e-er!

      But considering the hectic schedule of Yucheon also, I doubt he has time for a relationship. But I don’t mind them hanging out with common friends, like Joongki and Ah In.

  2. I too loved the Park Couple and my heart too shattered when the dating news came. I am sad for her since it must hurt her going through a break up though if the Press reports are to be believed, their relationship didn’t develop into anything bigger. If that is the case, I feel she can move on with her life faster. Just hope Yoochun makes full use of the opportunity. 😉

    1. With the crazy schedules, I don’t think they would have time for themselves and let the relationship grow. I guess the affection was developed because they were together in a drama but nothing really big and serious. I am still hoping for a Min-Cheon couple, hahaha, though I know it’s impossible.

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