Page 19 of 366: English Lessons and Handwriting in The Form of a Chicken Scratch

Page 19


Last night Summer came up to me, asking me to help her review with her English and Sibika at Kultura lessons because it is exams time once again. I looked at her pointers and her English exam is composed of the correct usage of different verb forms ( -s/-es, -d/-ed and -ing) and personal pronouns. I was a bit surprise coz when I was in the first grade, I don’t think this was our English lesson already.  I wonder if my niece could even understand the concept because this is somewhat tricky.

I was right. She got confused on when to use the present and past forms of the verb. I was already losing my patience, gawd! It’s 10 o’clock and we’re not done with English yet. Somehow, the little girl managed to get the right answers afterwards, but she was arguing with me:

Summer: Why are you asking me every time I answered my activity?

Me: So that I would know that you are not just simply guessing your answers.

Summer: I am not guessing my answers, Auntie. I know!

Me: That is why you have to tell me the reason why you chose such answer.

Prick. I was getting sleepy too, so my patience level is loooooooooooooow. Good thing, the -ing verbs are just easy (“Remember if there are state-of-being verbs such as am, is, are, was, and were, the verb ends with -ing.” “Yes, auntie.” “Good, we’re done now.”) and personal pronouns are just chicken feed. Hooray! *does classic the banana dance*

I was laughing out loud when I read that third sentence in the above piccie. I mean, how could the blind know where to smile? Just my random nonsense thoughts.

No classic banana dance for the penmanship above. OMG, that looks like chicken scratch to me! It’s an abomination to mine divine eyes and hands. I want to think that Summer’s been writing that way since it was already late and she’s getting sleepy but …

… seeing this, no, my niece is having chicken scratch for a handwriting! *sobs* She is just totally like her mommy. I and my brother have to save our family pride with our *eherm* nice *eherm* handwriting, hahaha!

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