Page 18 of 366: Disappointed Over The Lack of Comment on My SKKS Post

Page 18

Jaeshin: Do you, by any chance, know the password to the SKKS English translation? • Yongha: I do, but I am telling you only if ...

Just a bit sad, well, disappointed, while browsing through my blog stats this morning to see that the top post is the Sungkyunkwan Scandal Novel English Translation post. It is the most viewed post but still, no one even bothered to leave a thank you comment or something like that. Yes, it is not mine, it is yogurutu’s work, but it was shared for everyone in her blog before it got deleted and I, for one, as a big fan of the drama and the story, is forever thankful for her effort though it was never completed but still, she got the juicy parts covered.

So, I am thinking of password-protecting the post. (Yes, I am in the selfish, you-need-to-be-grateful-people mode.) I will give out the password to those who asked for it and thank me and yogurutu for the effort.  *evil grin*

Yoonhee: Where's your payment for the password?


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