Page 17 of 366: Lazy Tuesday Morning, Accidental K-Pop Fanmeet, and a Few Rants

Page 17


I don’t feel like waking up this morning, I just want to roll over my bed and sleep the day away. I think I am becoming tired of the same old routine again. So looking forward to Christmas time again, hahaha! Well, at least summertime.

I miss planning for my summer activities. I miss having nothing to do for two whole months but anything I like. I wish we have something like that at work. I want to enroll into some summer class, go out of town, enjoy the sun, sand and beach.

I want to go back to school!

Friday night, my ever supportive-of-my-diet-in-a-wrong-way friends, Marianne and Chelle, decided to have dinner (it’s payday, baby! Time to waldas our hard earned cashes!) at Glorietta and they ordered pasta at Cibo. Pas. Ta. Syet! I cannot resist that! So we ordered this:

… and this

Don’t bother asking me what are those coz I don’t remember, but I like the second, Alfonso something, as per Chelle Belle. It is her favourite too, but dang woman! It’s got shrimps in it, and I am allergic to shrimps! Well the damage is done, and Chelle Belle got it worse, hahaha! She’s read and itchy all over.

When we entered Glorietta, (the place is renovated but it is still looks gloomy for me, sigh, bring back the glorious Glorietta!) there were a lot of people (mostly teenage girls) shrieking and still shrieking at the activity area, so being nosy as we are, the three of us went over there and make usyoso. There was a fan meeting, a K-Pop group named ZE:A, however you pronounced their name. Pffft. (I can’t, for the life of me, understand what’s with the punctuation marks in between names. I sometimes read it on forums and blogs, like for instance, happy!Jae or snarky!Changmin. What the?! How does it supposed to sound like?)

So, that was a fanmeet look like, more of a parent’s day at a daycare where the teacher (host) would ask the kids (these so called idols) random question and show off their itsy cutesy talent and the parents (fangirls) would go all, “Awwwww, soooo cute!” (“OMG! Oppaaaaaa~”). It gave me goosebumps.

In conclusion, I would rather fangirl online, because in real life, I am going to be one stoic fan.

Not that I am a fan of these boys, but I was never ever starstruck. I don’t go all nervous-y, crying, or squealing my lungs out. The most that I did was grin to death. I am reserving that reaction for my TVXQ5. Hah!

Paperworks awaiting. I so hate these government remittances. Ugh.


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