Page 12 of 366: Hump Day is Cheat Day

Page 12


Hump Day (a.k.a Wednesday, for those who doesn’t know what it means) is my cheat day from diet. Of course, I just can’t totally deprive myself of all the yummy stuff but then I have to control. I have to be serious with this, I don’t want to pay 1500 pesos for meals if I am going to lose this bet!

Chelle Belle: Why do you have money today? (She knows that I am leaving my money and bank cards at home so as not to be tempted to buy food, hah!)

Me: I have to! I have to pay Marianne for the movie and the food last night.

Chelle Belle: Then why are you going out for lunch today?

Me: It’s my cheat day!

Chelle Belle: Okay!

So, on my cheat day I have some Chinese food. With lots of siomai, sigh. But I did not get to eat all of it since Marianne and Jes were fighting for the last one.

I decided to walk to the train station after work with Marianne. Chelle Belle decided to come along with us and when we passed by Allegro Center, she was whining that she wants cheese sticks with sour cream and onion dip. She would not take no for an answer and she was whining so loud people walking in front of us looked back to see what happened! Hahahaha! She was soooo embarassing I tried prying her clingy fingers off my arm. So childish! Hahaha! Marianne and I have no choice but to come along with her to satisfy her cheese sticks craving.

Upon entering Allegro, lo and behold! Starbucks was before our very eyes.

Chelle Belle: Marianne, do you still have those Starbucks gift certificates from The Bob?

Marianne: Yeah, but I think there’s only 200 pesos left.

Chelle Belle: Let’s buy mocha frap.

Me: I am on a diet here! Don’t you tempt me.

Marianne: But it is your cheat day.

Me: But that doesn’t mean I have to abuse it. Gawd! I trust you to be supportive of me.

Chelle Belle: We’ll only get tall ones, dear. That’s all. And cheese sticks.

Me: I hate you.

Chelle Belle: I love you too.

See how nice my friends are? *rolls eyes*

This morning I was really tempted to stay in bed and sleep longer but I feel guilty for all the food I ate on my cheat day I just have to drag my ass off my bed and run. During my first round, my left leg was hurting already and I don’t think I can make my usual 2 rounds of running. I’ll make up for it on the weekend.


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