Page 11 of 366: Disappointing Morning

Page 11

I was such in a good mood when I get to the office this morning, but was met with a bad news from our teary eyed janitor. I know that he is going on a leave next week to go back home to his province, but he said that he might be gone for good. I asked him why and he said he doesn’t know yet and he is confused. After a few coaxing, I learned that he was suspected of the lost money and stuff here in the office. I know this guy and I have a feeling that he won’t be do such thing. Many times he borrowed money from me when he was short of budget, and he pays me on time.

I told him, unless they have evidence against you, I believe you. They just can’t fire you or let you resign without concrete evidence that it was you who took things. I left my phones, money and other stuff in my area and I lost nothing. For now, that is all I can tell him. They can’t let you go unless they have evidence against him.

I do not have faith in our office Human Rights. I have, for many times, see how she can be easily swayed and her sense of judgement is so biased.


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