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I am changing the Dear Diary… format into a this. Much easier to write and I won’t be bothered with the other fluffy things I usually wrote in the Dear Diary format. Plus I think I may be able to update this more.

New Year’s Eve, while the family was busy preparing for Media Noche, (actually it was just my mama and my brother in law, the rest of the family lack cooking skills), I was opening some Christmas presents that I didn’t get to open yet and organized my stuff in the new drawers that I bought.

Those notebooks above were from Marianne. I so so so love the heart shaped notebook, eeeeee! Actually it comes in box with a pen and some notepads too but I am all for the notebooks, so the others were irrelevant. Hahaha!

This one is from my workmate, Glo. Are they not so supporting with my collectibles and obsessions? Hahaha! I like it coz the cover is a woven kind.

My flourescent pens…

… and my floral mink pens.

I was supposed to gift them to some friends, but after some considerations, I decided that she is not much of a friend to me (just a semi friend, depending on the circumstances, hahaha!) and they were sooo cute I am keeping them to myself.

One of the two sets of rubber stamps I bought for Summer, but since her auntie *eherm* liked the stamp too, she is keeping it for herself again. Hahaha! My gawd, selfishness is my theme for this Christmas.

While arranging and digging old stuff, I found this.

This is a 상평통보 (sang pyeong tong bo), a Korean coin in circulation during the Choson Dynasty. That above is a pasalubong from mama Jae when she went to Korea. It was kept among my other stuff I forgot I have it.

My Asian souvenirs! I didn’t know I already have a few from friends who were flying around, tee hee! From left, Korea from mama Jae, Thailand from Miss Jo (which is like 3-4 years ago already), Malaysia from Marianne and Singapore from Jes. Now I want something from Japan.

My lovely New Year’s Eve mess. Colourful mess. ♥ Notebooks, CDs, pens, lotion, shower gel, boxes, chopsticks.

Tadaaaaaa! My drawerful  of pens. May your number double this year. Amen.

My drawerful of notebooks. Like my lovely pens, may your number double this year too.

My nameless puppy plushies! Lara said they were for Summer and Rein, but no! Auntie likes them and auntie gets them. Pwahahaha! Gosh, selfishness is really my motto, hahaha!

And the best Christmas stuff I got this year! TVXQ (DBSK, Tohoshinki, whatever else they are called) CDs and a DVD!

That’s all. ☺


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