What’s Inside My Parcel?

A  Parcel From Zhenni

I absolutely adore this cute little kitty card that comes with my present! The Happy on top suits it very well, it really made me happy.

So, what is exactly my present? I dunno…yet! It’s inside this cute Santa Clause paper wrapper that is soooo cute I am crying buckets why don’t we have this kind of paper wrapper here in good ol’ Philippines.

… and my pressie is… TADAAAAAA! A hardbound Bonjour Paris notebook, OMG! It is even TVXQ related, hahaha! Well, I am a fangirl and that is the very first thing that came into mind when I saw the thing. I love it! An addition to my collection.

Sis, 감사합니다! どうもありがとうございました! I love love love your present!


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