Happy New Year! (a.k.a. Here Goes The So-Called Resolutions Again!)

I know I have not been posting a lot lately due to the holiday rush, but after all the hurry, now I have time again to blog! I miss doing this, but I think I am losing my touch in blogging. (Blame it on Twitter for all the randomness I am posting there, hahaha!)

So, what have I been doing during the holidays? Spend time with the family, lazying around the house reading my fics like mad, eating, shopping for Christmas gifts (and realizing that I hate wrapping gifts afterall!), eating some sinful food, partying with friends, practically living in the mall, killing my feet from walking all day, eating, eating, eating.

Which makes me the piglet I am today, ugh!

So when I saw this, I was enlightened! I was giving the will and determination, the much needed push to lose weight again. Which reminds me, that so-called resolution was on my list for 5 years straight now, woohoo!

You think I can do it? Yes! I think I can do it? Uhm…

Shit! I really have to! Think of all the fun I am missing because I am fat.


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