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Page 30 of 366: Brian Joo, Dream High 2 and The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

Page 30

OMG! I am so happy that I have my copies of Brian Joo’s ReBorn album! I like Brian, and I am not disappointed with the songs in the new album. He has also amazing collaborations with Jay Park and Flowsik of Aziatix (which I am crushing on to, voicewise, haha!) The fact that it doesn’t sound Kpop-ish much is love too. Thanks to my friend who sent me these songs.You know who you are. *winks*

One complain though – I don’t like the album cover concept. The same goes to Aziatix’s Nocturnal Japan Deluxe Edition. What’s with the black-and-white-looks-kinda-blurred-with-too-much-flash-or-backlight, boys? Well, I guess you should not judge the album by its cover, because I am totally digging Reborn and Nocturnal. Regardless of the cover. Much better than the other way around, yah?

Who’s excited of Dream High 2 tonight? *raises hand* Meeeeeee! Meeeeeee! I realized that more than the story itself, I am looking forward to the singing and dancing parts of the drama, wondering what songs will be covered this time. Am I back to K-dramaland this time?

Speaking of Kdrama, same wonderful friend who gave me the Brian Joo songs talked to me about the new drama she is watching, The Moon That Embraces The Sun. (The title reminds me of a Miss Saigon track, Sun and Moon, nice.)  A sageuk drama, which she says, is very much like Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Sungkyunkwan Scandal, you say? This means this is a good drama-rama and I will try to watch this tonight when I get home.

I am spotting Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo in the poster, OMG! No, there’s no trying, I am definitely watching this! Plus Blue is translating the novel into English, which means lots of yayness. Sooooo, should I read the novel first, or watch the drama first, or do both? Teehee!

Now, the only thing that hinders my happy spazz is the bitchy web filter at the office, which doesn’t allow me to view Soompi forums. Shet.

The Little Mermaid

“A mermaid has not an immortal soul, nor can she obtain one unless she wins the love of a human being. On the power of another hangs her eternal destiny.”

Page 27 of 366: Worship My Stickers and Stamp Pad, Worship Them!

Page 27

To calm down my pissed off heart over something office related, which I don’t want to state here anymore, I bought me a handful of stickers and a coloured stamp pad. Cute and colourful calms me down.

These are plastic die-cut stickers. Are they not so cute?

Sticker pads with lots and lots of mini smiley and flowery stickers inside.  There is one pad that I like too, it’s a ballgame themed sticker pad but my money is not enuff. Pffft.

My favourite one, my coloured stamp pad, yay! The elephant plushie is not included, it is Rein’s, hehehe!

Posted these pics on Facebook, and Nikki, my childhood friend commented that up to now, I am still into stickers, pens, notebooks, all the nitty gritty stuff. Told her that I never seem to outgrow that phase, hahaha! Summer was even asking me last night when am I going to die so she can have my stuff. Rein said she wanted my toys and my makeup, especially the red lipsticks. She even made me swear! Goodness! They love my collection, not their auntie. Materialistic nieces.

In revenge, I made Rein bowed down and worshiped my stickers. Bow down, you lowly mortal. Mwahahaha!

Page 26 of 366: Mommy Dang

Page 26

Monday night I received news, though somehow I have been expecting of but still it hit me hard, about Mommy Dang passing away. Honestly, the last time I saw her, I knew deep in my heart that she would not last long, but still I keep my faith and hold on to that small glimmer of hope that she will make it through. But the Lord has other plans for her, and that means ending her pain.

The circumstance that led me to meet Mommy Dang is something light and fun and embarassing – a fandom. There I have said it, goodness! That simple common denominator we have, along with other girls, made us grow closer and soon we just realized that we were not only sharing our love and giddiness and giggles and tantrums over this fandom, but sharing our personal lives too. This fandom gave me mothers, sisters, younger siblings; it gave a new set of family, which I will forever treasure in my heart. The love that we have transcends time and space and age gap. I think God has a reason why He allowed us to meet – online and in real life. Now that He has called one of my mothers home, I value this set of family more.

This fandom, it gave me Mommy Dang – one of the most loving and strong woman I have known. One with the biggest heart too. While she was busy looking for means to help those who are sick, she herself got sick, a sickness that no one has ever thought she would get. But throughout the ordeal, she remained strong and faithful. She smiled through her pain and maintained a positive outlook in life, for the rest of her life.

I am so gonna miss her. I still can’t stop the tears from falling whenever I remember the good times we had with her. I love her so much.

Mommy Dang, thank you for being a part of my life. You will always be remembered – in our mind and in our hearts.