Dear Diary… xvi [Krispy Kreme Kruffins and Childhood Friends]

November 8, 2011
One boring and lazy Tuesday afternoon

Mood: Sleepy
Playing: Super Junior – Sunflower


Dear Diary,

This is what I have been up to lately, the reason why I haven’t post much. Hubert and wife Au was here 2 weeks before for Hubs’ checkup at Makati Medical Center. I went over for a visit, and bought some Krispy Kreme kruffins for pasalubong. Alas, Hubs can’t eat of it, so he dubbed my kruffins as TORTURE. Hahaha! He can only iDream of it.

Indeed it is a torture, just look at that droolicious kruffins! Nummy nummy!

Last Friday, I met with my friends from home, Lara and Susha plus little Kyla. Though they have been here since Thursday – Susha and Kyla for their interview in the US Embassy, Lara as the sezzy PA, hahaha! – I only get to meet them on Friday night since stupid me left my phone at home on Thursday morning and I cannot go to their hotel without my phone. I dunno how to get there either. My commuting skills in the metro are soooo limited. I only get to places if we have a car.

Anyway, they are leaving Saturday early morning going home and it’s a shame that they can’t stay till Monday, so I spent the whole night with them together with Binggirl, Junior and Aireen. These pics are taken in the foodcourt in Terminal 3 at 3:50 in the morning. Yeah, I am soooo fully made up even at the wee hours of the dawn.

♥~ kara, Lara and Kyla ~♥
♥~ Lara, Susha and Kyla ~♥
♥~ Lara, kara and Susha ~♥

I miss them already. I hope that next year I could go back home also and spend time with them.

, k


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