About Me: Something I Got From Tumblr

My first name:
I love my name 
I hate my name
My name is hard to pronounce – in other countries
My name is boring
I have a nickname

My age:
I am considered a minor
I am over 18
I am under 13
I am between the ages of 13 and 18
I wish I was older
I wish I was younger – just 4-5 years younger only. ^^
I like my age
I know how to drive
I drink

My appearance:
I have blonde hair
I have brown hair
I have black(ish) hair – and I love my black hair.
I have red- black hair
I have an unnatural hair color
I’ve dyed my hair before
highlights/lowlights before
I have curly hair
I have straight hair
I have wavy hair 
I have frizzy hair
I straighten my hair regularly 
I have blue eyes
I have brown eyes
I have grey eyes
I have green eyes
My eyes change color
I use color contacts
I have glasses
I use regular contacts
I got laser eye surgery.
I am under 5’4”
I am over 5’4
I love my height – sooo much!
I hate my height
I am happy with my size
I wish I was skinnier 
I wish I was a bit larger
I am trying to lose weight – been attempting for a few years now, haha!
I have gone on fad diets before
I have taken diet pills and laxatives
I have fasted before
I have purged before
I have/had an eating disorder
My shoe size is a 3-5
My shoe size is a 6-8
My shoe size is a 9 or above
It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit

I shop at stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle
I shop at Hot Topic
I shop at stores like PacSun and Zumies
I shop at stores like Bloomingdales and Saks
I shop at stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters
I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart
I love shopping 
I hate shopping
I own clothes I bought more than 5 years ago
I love over sized tote bags
I hate skinny jeans – because I don’t fit in them anymore. =(
I love buying shoes

I own a pair of Converse
I love Uggs
I love flip-flops
I get my nails done regularly – as in weekly.
I wear perfume
I hate pedicures
I wear fake eyelashes
I wear a lot of makeup
I wear a small bit of makeup

I don’t wear any makeup
I wear lipstick every day
I wear lip liner every day
I love Burt’s Bees
I would feel uncomfortable wearing mini skirts
I wear a lot of low cut shirts to show cleavage
I like high heels
I can’t walk in high heels
I love wedges
I love jeans

I wear thongs and g-strings
I wear granny panties
I wear regular underwear
I buy all of my bras from Victoria’s Secret
I love Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line

I am in middle school
I am in high school
I am (was) in college/university
I am a high school dropout
I am home schooled
I go (went)  to a private school
I go (went) to a Catholic school
I am was in regular classes
My favorite class is English
I love science
I hate English
I love maths
I am currently failing one or more classes
I have (had) straight A’s – nuuuurd!
I have A’s and B’s
I have straight B’s
I have C’s or D’s
I get a variety of marks depending on my course
I love my teachers
I hate my teachers
I want to am a graduate now
I love high school
I am in band or choir
I am in school sports currently
I am on a Varsity or JV team
I am in drama club

My friends:
I have multiple best friends
I have a best friend
I have many acquaintances
My friends and I do everything together
I have had a lot of guy friends
I have equal girl and guy friends
I have had the same best friend since kindergarten
My best friends change like I change my underwear
My friends and I get into many fights
I have had an abortion
I was pregnant in high school
I have/had an STD
I am saving myself until marriage
I lost my virginity when I was 13 or under
I love tall guys – like 6 feet up.
I would date someone shorter than me (dude, I’m 5’2”, that’s really hard)
I focus on personality
I love green/hazel eyes 
I don’t care about eye color 
Facial hair is sexy on (some) guys
some) Tattoos and piercings are sexy on (some) boys

I love preps
I love nerds –
I would date someone in the army

 I have 1+ brother(s)
I have 1+ sister(s)

I am the oldest – though my siblings said I act like I’m the youngest.
I am in the middle
I am the youngest
I am an only child
I have a sibling in college/university
I babysit my siblings

Other stuff:
I am a grammar Nazi – much. It’s like a disease!
I love erasers – especially the ones with cute designs, but for serious paper rubbing I prefer Rotring or Staedtler.
Chocolate is sex
I believe in evolution
I believe in creation
I am a Democrat
I am a Republican
I love Bush
I check the computer daily
I use MSN
I (used to) love Facebook
I love MySpace
I love Twitter
I love Tumblr
I hate people that TYpE liiKe ThIIs 0r Th!$ oR tHiSsIsSSs 
I love Chinese food
I eat a lot – sad reality is it.


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