The Ass Kisser and The Princess [A North Korea* Tale]

Tuesday, October 15
Yahoo! Messenger
Chelle Belle, karassi

CB: Dear
CB: I so need your opinion.
Me: Yes, babe?
Me: Sure.
CB: You know where the food came from, right?
Me: Yeah, from sir Michael.
CB: Because this ass kisser slash gossiper, she told the princess about it. Is that even right?
Me: Oh, why?
Me: @!#@#%#$@^@%^%$&#&# *grabs hair emoticon*
CB: I just told her to ask the princess to come and eat with us.
CB: @#@%#$^%$#@%^$#
CB: Gossiper! Itchy mouth!
Me: How did she know?
CB: Is that even hard to simply say that it’s my birthday?
CB: Why say that sir Michael treat me for my birthday?
Me: *is too mad to make coherent sentences*
Me: Now, she is trying to be in the princess’ good books by telling her about this.
CB: Sigh. Yeah.
Me: *grabs hair emoticon*
Me: So, what did the princess say?
CB: I so hate that ass kisser for telling the princess that it was from sir Michael.
Me: I know, right? It’s no big deal either.
CB: Princess said that such should not happened again since it is not good.
Me: Oh? But it was sir Michael’s offer to treat you on your birthday.
CB: Not good since I am in the accounting department.
Me: It’s not like you have asked sir Michael for that.
CB: Exactly! That’s my point.
CB: Would they rather have me say that I asked sir Michael for that?
Me: The thing is, why would ass kisser have to tell the princess about it.
Me: I think there is something in there when she told the princess.
Me: Besides, it is not lying when you are not saying anything at all.
CB: Exactly! Sooooo stupid stupid stupid!
Me: Hmmm, she told the princess because they were not treated before?
Me: So the last time that we went to Seaside with sir Mike, it was just okay because The Lard and The Angel was there?
Me: Is that what is it?
CB: Sigh.
Me: Don’t mind her, girl
Me: Though I really want to go to her with a chainsaw and re-enact the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
CB: Hahahaha!
CB: I am sooo pissed!
CB: I am talking to sir Michael right now.
Me: What did you tell him?
Me: It is not like you are hiding it, right?
Me: To think they are the ones who ate first.
Me: You were not being selfish about it.
Me: *hug emoticon* We’ll fix her up later, babe
Me: I am on a homicidal mode right now.
CB: Sir Michael said he would deny it, that I should not worry.
Me: Who told you earlier?
Me: Ass kisser or the princess?
CB: The ass kisser
CB: Because she is guilty!
Me: Because?
CB: Because she realised her stupidity afterwards.
CB: She was trying to get back her words, like saying, “In fairness to me, girl, I think the princess knows about it before I even told her about it.”
Me: No shit, Sherlock!
Me: Fairness her arse, tell her!
Me: I am soooo pissed with her!
Me: She just passed by my area, trying to get all my self control to work and not shout at her.
Me: You should have shoved some chicken wings up her nose.

Phone Interruption:

Jes: Are you going home now with Marianne?
Me: Yeah. Coming with us?
Jes: I will think about it.
Me: What?! You cannot think about it. We’re leaving in 5 minutes!
Jes: I dunno.
Me: Make up your mind, hurry! I have some juicy gossip for Marianne. Would you like to miss it? Hahahaha!
Jes: Nooooo! What about?
Me: About what I have been talking to Chelle Belle on YM.
Jes: Chelle Belle said that you will be imprisoned for a day.
Me: Why? What did I do?
Jes: What your mood is right now, hahaha!

Back to Yahoo! Messenger:

Me: No, I can’t be imprisoned.
Me: I am too beautiful for jail.
CB: #$$#^@#^@^@$^
CB: You know what? She was even the first one to take some food and bring it home.
CB: I really really want to hit her!
CB: Sir Michael said don’t forget this Saturday
CB: Another partaaaay!
Me: Yeah, I won’t.
Me: Okay, okay. Talk to you tomorrow!
Me: Please please please!
Me: Don’t put me to jail!
Me: I am toooooo beautiful for that!
CB: I won’t.
Me: I love you.
CB: Same here.
Me: Only ugly people belong there.
CB: So ass kisser belongs there?
Me: Especially those with a mole on the chin and looks like Chichay!
Me: 100 times YES!
CB: I know, looks like Gladys Guevarra?
Me: Two thumbs up!
CB: Hahahaha!
CB: You going home?
Me: Yeah. Gorabelles with Banona (*gorabelles is gay speak for “go”, Banona is Marianne’s office pet name)
CB: Okay, take care!
CB: Mwah!
Me: Be on the lookout for the mole! Hahahaha!
CB: I will
Me: Chuuuuuuu! :3333333

Signed out.

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