Dear Diary…xiv [Failed Meetings, Offline Banks and Travelling Sisters]

October 17, 2011
Boring Monday

Mood: Sleepy
Playing: C.N. Blue – Teardrops In The Rain


Dear Diary,

I was supposed to meet my Nappeun Yeojas this weekend but due to conflict of schedule, it never happened. I was sad because I miss my Nappeuns so much and I want to waste time making idle talk with them about our fandom, which I don’t normally talk to with anyone else, or else I will be getting funny glares from the morons. Plus, I want to share the goodies Mavs send, especially the orgasmic butterscotti and butterscotch, but I guess my Nappeuns can kiss them goodies goodbye now since I have to consume them as  it will be expired in a few days. Don’t let the good food go to waste. Make love, not war. Now, am I not the lucky one for being the one in charge of the goodies? Hahaha!

There is always the next time – and another time for Mavs to send more goodies, hahaha!

Phot credit as tagged.

Marianne and I went to Persian Grill for dinner at Megamall Friday night. The mall was a complete chaos due to the sale. I hate crowded malls. Hmmm, what can I say? Well, I guess I am not that fond of Persian food? I was not happy of it at all, and I was so looking forward to have a chocolate cake dessert at Seattle’s Best. Then something happened, I cannot get cash in the ATM machines. My bank went offline! Shat! It left me drooling for chocolate cake, but I only have 300 pesos left. *sad face* Marianne said that we should just head home then, at least, we’re on a “forced” diet, hahaha!

Lara and Susha are coming to the Metro on the first week of November, yay! I miss them soooooo much! It was quite some time since I last saw Lara, like 3 years ago? Also Susha. We are soooo gonna date like mad! Now I have to think of what to ask them to bring me when they come over, hahaha!

Happy birthday, Chelle Belle! Actually I didn’t get you any gift because I totally forgot about your birthday, but I bought 2 giant paper clips at the mall yesterday, one intending for Marianne as bookmarks for our books, but as nice as I am, I gave one to you, pretending to have remembered your birthday after all, hahaha! So yeah, that was not intended for you, but still say thank you to me, okay?

My closest Twitter friend Zhen is also celebrating her birthday, and I was feeling guilty because I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT! But she is totally cute and adorable because she emailed me asking why I didn’t greet her happy birthday, soooo cute like a kid, of course that added to my guilt, hahahaha! She is a nice lady, friendly and nice to talk to and I learn a lot from talking with her and she is an open-minded one, willing to see things in a different perspective.

I am going to buy a pair or two of false eyelashes tonight, and I pray to all the shopping gods that please please please, make it not a crowded mall night tonight. I need some lash glue too, the kind that comes along with The Face Shop‘s false lashes ain’t that good. I hope I can find a thick one. Yay, I am excited.

I want these kind of lashes since I dunno where I placed mine. Grrr.

Photo credits to original owners.

Okay, now done for today’s blog. I just have to write it down coz it’s bothering me somewhere, hahaha, and back to the harsh reality of doing this evil SSS reports.

, k


Oh, I have read something that made me sad, since the scenario was akin to something I read. I hope it is not true, oh please have mercy on my poor fangirling heart.

On the other hand, I soooo cannot wait to get my hands on the TV5Q version of Maximum, and some said there is a video too! OMG! “Baby, walk this way, walk this way, WALK THIS WAY, walk this way!”


Someone messed up with my desk calendar, grrrr! Now I put a warning in screaming red letters, and if I get some scribbles on it again, hell will break lose! Oh, I love the pic at the backgound!


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