Dear Diary…xiii [Nightmares, Chicken and Mav’s Goodies]

October 11, 2011, Tuesday
It is 3 days, 2 hours, 57 minutes, 39 seconds until Friday, 14 October 2011, 17:30:00 (Manila time).

Mood: Happy
Playing: Dashboard Confessional – So Long, So Long

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Dear Diary,

I dunno what is it with me and nightmares lately. Last week, I dreamt of a huge tsumani sweeping at my homecity, washing everything and my mama shook me awake while I was screaming Summer’s name again and again. It was horrible. I was crying so hard, thinking that I have lost Summer in the tidal wave. Then Sunday morning, my mama woke me up again because I have been screaming for her in my sleep again. I cannot remember what the dream was about, but I know I need to find my mama and I was calling out for her.

I didn’t know when I started screaming in my sleep. I know my mama does, and when I was a kid, it really scared me to wake up to my mama’s cries. My tatay would then shake her awake. I never imagined that it would happen to me too. When I had nightmares before, I would just be screaming and/or crying in my sleep silently only, now I got the vocals, hahaha! At least I get to be shaken up awake rather being out of the nightmare by myself.

Marianne, Jes and I are planning to have a dinner bonding this Friday. Bonding means gossip, and what would best fit gossip sessions if not with chow, right? Marianne and I always want to eat at Persia Grill downstairs but we never had the chance because the service is tooooooo sloooooow and we only have an hour lunch break. I don’t want to stuff food in my face in a hurry – I want to enjoy it. But then we always see this Kenny Roger’s billboard each time we ride on the MRT going home, and the chicken makes me drool. It’s been quite a while since I ate in Kenny Roger’s. So I told Marianne, “But I feel like eating at Kenny Roger’s too. I miss the muffins and the chicken.” So, option 2 is Kenny Roger’s. And speaking of chicken, I thought of Bon Chon Chicken too at Megamall and I want to try it. Jes had, so Marianne and I wanted to try it too. So now, the three of us are in dilemma. Persia Grill, Kenny Roger’s or Bon Chon Chicken. Shat. I miss El Polo Loco too.

Saturday I will be meeting my Nappeun Yeojas, and instead of thinking a venue, I was thinking of what good food to eat when we meet. (Awwww, that rhymes! I am such a genius!) I was thinking of pizza, and no eat-all-you-call-till-you-burst Korean food this time, hahaha! I got the goodies Mavs sent –(Shaaaaaaaat! Bischoco, dried mangoes, bandi, pinasugbo, butterscotch and butterscotti, which I cannot resist I opened it up and ate a few. Sorry, Nappeuns.) and I sooooo cannot wait to get my share. Are we talking of evenly distribution here, girls? Hahahaha! I should be getting the bigger share as I am your queen.

So, that’s all. My life has been boring lately. Except for some occasional fights with my nieces. Or the from-time-to-time spazzing over my Tee-Vee-Ex-Cue. Or fangirling backwards over Kangta (shaaaaat! He was indeed H.O.T. No wonder… *trails off*) Or ranting over the immaturity of some fans on Twitter. Or going murderous towards ballpen-less people. Sigh, I need some banana cue. Seriously.

, k


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