My Mama, Mr. Bean, and Jack and The Beanstalk

This morning, while eating breakfast and watching Rowan Atkinson on the morning showbiz news:

Mama: Oh, that’s Mr. Beans. (Yes, with an S, like BeanS)

Me: (ignores the verbal typo) He’s having a new movie, ma, Johnny English, but his character there is still MR. BEAN-like. (with emphasis on the Bean , subtly correcting her)

Mama: There are no Mr. Beans cartoons in tv now. I think it’s funny. Summer and Rein love to watch Mr. Beans.

Me: Oh? No more MR. BEAN cartoons? Why? Not even in the afternoon cartoon slot?

Mama: Yeah, no more Mr. Beans.

Me: (can’t take it anymore) Ma, it’s MR. BEAN, not Mr. Beans.

Mama: Bean? As in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Me: Yeah, bean. Just bean, without the stalk.

Mama: What stalk?

Me: You know, Jack and The Beanstalk. The story.

Mama: It’s stalk? I thought it was Jack and The Beans Talk.

Me: (laughs herself to death) OMG, Mama, what are you talking about?! We are talking of the bean here, like that green little seed. And what Jack and The Beans Talk? Hahahaha! You have been telling that story to us, to Summer and Rein, and there were no talks between Jack and any beans at all.

Mama: Yeah, I know.  I thought you mean Jack and Mr. Beans talk. (There she goes again with her Mr. Beans.)

Me: Ma, it is Mr. Bean! (facepalms)

Mama: That’s what I said!

Me: What did you say? Repeat it.

Mama: Mr. Beans.

Me: Hahahahahahaha! Ma, you are hopeless. Mr. Beans is it for you then. (goes back to eating, shaking my head)


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