Useless Rambles on My Lessons (a.k.a. Self Peptalking!)

I need to write this down to see my progress, if there is any. Gawd, I haven’t opened my Japanese notes for quite sometime (blame it for my being a bookmonsterworm, gomen ne!) and I was alarmed when I realised I can’t recognise and remember some of my pushed-my-brain-hard-to-memorise work-hard-for Kana. No! I cannot not let them go to waste! Please inspire me again! Make me study till I die again. Gambatte!

Of course, I need to review my Korean notes too, shat! I shoved them behind when I started my Japanese (can you blame me if the Kana are more interesting and challenging to memorise and draw than the boring lines and circles of Hangeul?) But I have worked hard for this too, and somehow I could construct baby sentences with Hangeul, so I just can’t let this go to waste too. Oh, for the love of Sim Changmin and for the envy of these brainiacs who can speak these languages, I will try hard. Again. karassi, hwaiting!

Yeah, I am just self learning, and I tend to ramble a lot when I study, so from time to time there will be stuff here that does not have any relation whatsoever with the said topics, but oh I so need them to keep me wonderfully sane.

Soooooo, what have I accomplished yesterday, while the storm is battering Manila and we had no power, no phone signals, no teevee, no Internet and a dying iPod? Here. *feels sooooo proud*

Japanese Lessons 09272011

  • Review Hiragana and Katakana
  • Review Hiragana and Katakana with dakuten and handakuten.

Why can’t they be like the Koreans who only have 24 characters? Hmph!

  • The small や, ゆ and よ and the Hiragana combinations. These sounds easy. They can only be combined with the い vowel character of each consonant.
  • (Hiragana) The Small つ

Shat! Changmin screaming at my background is love. Yes, only Changmin’s screams are love for me.

I just realised that it’s nice to have your own writing system. I mourn for the lost of the Philippine alibata. I think it’s beautiful.

  • (Hiragana) The Long Vowel Sound

I am distracted! SHE is playing on the background! Yunho! Changmin! Saranghada! <333

Shit! Hahaha! Reading something in Katakana ロックンロール (roko ando rore), trying to figure out by myself what the word is, but I just can’t, only to learn later that it is just “rock and roll”, hahaha! Shat! This is going to be fun.

  • (Katakana) The Long Vowel Sound – – The Small ア, イ, ウ,  エ and  オ . Uh oh. This sounds a bit complicated, baby, take it nice and easy.

Okay, this is more than my brain can handle for the day, plus I did some readings. So, have I been a good student? No, I don’t think so.


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