Sungkyunkwan Scandal Novel English Translation

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들): (Download link)

A.K.A. the drama that made me lose sleep, got me into roller coaster rides of fangirling emotions, and basically just made me show all the symptoms of a drama addict that I was. Can’t believe it was already a year!

Since this was based on a novel, a good friend @yuguruto (sp?) translated a few parts of it into English, showing the difference of the novel and the drama. (As usual, book > drama, though I am not complaining .) Too bad her site was deleted, but a few paeins have managed to salvage her precious work. I am posting the translations so that those unfortunate SKKS who did not get to read the wonderful story of the novel Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee would know what they had missed, hahaha! Kidding.

Edit: File is password protected though. Password is available upon request. Please provide a legit email address in your comment below, and please don’t give out the password once you have it. I will be changing it from time to time.

NOTE: This is NOT my work, I am simply reposting/sharing the translated works – for the great love of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

EDIT 2 (02.01.11): For future password requests, please go here. Thank you!


103 thoughts on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal Novel English Translation

  1. Hai kara…
    glad to found this site…may I get the password?I`m so eager to read it…must be awesone…thanks alot for your kindness

  2. Hai Kara…
    glad to found this site…may I get the password?I`m so eager to read it…must be awesome…thanks alot for your kindness

  3. Hi!!! I can’t believe I found your site by chance. I’ve this drama a while back and recently came back upon it. I’ve been watching Moon Embracing Sun and it kept bugging me that such a great author also wrote SKKS, so I just had to search for the novel. So, hopefully you can send me the password so that I can download and read it too! Thank you!!!!

  4. Hi Kara,
    I would love to read the translation of the SKKS novel, could you email me the password? Thank you in advance!

  5. hi!! so lucky i found ur website while googling abt moonsun n skks ^^. I want to read it realy baddd. could you give me the pasword please?? thnx soo much^^
    nb: is te pswrd same to both book 1 n book 2?

    1. The password for the SKKS Book 1 is sent in your email, dear. However, the post for SKKS and The Moon translation is still under construction, I might have it up by tomorrow. Please go to the Password Request page. Passwords for both posts are different.

  6. Hello Kara,

    Ive been looking for an English translation of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Im glad that you’re very generous to give us the link for it. Unfortunately I dont know the password. Can you send it tom?I really want to read this. Thank you very much in advance

  7. Hi Kara,
    I have finished reading SKKS Book 1. Thank you so much for let me read it. Can I have the password for SKKS Book 2 eng translation too? Thanks

  8. Hi there!! Thank goodness I found your site! I would like to request for the password as well 🙂

    I’ve become quite addicted to korean dramas and music despite the fact that i do not speak the language. MBC is currently airing The Moon that Embraces the Sun and while going through various threads, i’ve seen a lot of feedback to try to read the translated Sungkyungkwan Scandal novel as it was written by the same author. Books are often better than the interpreted TV series version. By the way, would you know if anyone has translated both books?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hello Kara Elayne!

    May I have the password, please. Enjoyed the drama and would love to read the novel as well. Thanks.

  10. hi kara elayne,
    may i request the password for this novel??
    i really appreaciate your effort of reposting this translated version of SKKS =)

  11. Hello, I love Sungkyunkwan drama and I would like to read the novel ^^ Can I get a password from you?

  12. hi kara
    i would also like to request for the password 🙂
    thank you so much for sharing this English translation of the book ^^
    and i’ll be looking forward to your next post on the English translation of the Moon. I’ve always been interested in reading Jung Eun Gwol’s novel ever since the drama of s. scandal came out ^^

  13. Hello! I can’t believe someone translated the novel!!! I have all the doc. copies of Korean version of the books…, but the level of reading is wayyyyy too difficult for my level of Korean ( unless with a dictionary)

    Password for to download will be greatly appreciated!!!


    1. Wow, that’s nice that you have the Korean versions, I wonder what happened to them in the second book. All I know is until the wedding night of Sunjoon and Yoonhee.

      Will email you the password, dear.

  14. yaaaaay! i found an english translation for SKKS! woohoo! 😀

    so happy i saw your blog.

    hmm, can i request for the password? 😀 thanks! 🙂

    btw, do you also have the english translation of the novel “the moon that embraces the sun” ?

    1. Check your email, dear. Enjoy reading!

      No, I don’t have the English translation of The Moon, though I have a link of someone translating the novel. Will post it tomorrow.

  15. hello! i’m happy to find your blog.. i really want to read the novel version with english translation.. 😀 i would like to ask permission for the password 🙂

    you can mail me the password thanks again 😀

  16. Hi Kara~
    May I request for the password? I was devasted when I visited yogurutu’s (bad milk) blogspot and it was deleted. I was planning on reading everything when I had finished my exams 😦 Thank you so much for sharing the translations for fans! 😀

  17. Hi! You are a life saver!!! I’ve been wanting to read this novel since the drama came out but I was unsuccessful in finding a translated one. Thanks for you generosity and effort :):):)
    btw do you also happen to have The Moon Embracing the Sun?
    Thanks a bunch !!!!

    1. This is a total complete English translation but the important Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yunhee parts are covered. Please don’t distribute the password.

      Sorry, I don’t have the novel translation of The Moon Embracing The Sun.

      Anyways, enjoy reading!

  18. Hello, I just found your site today. I was looking for a translated copy of the SKKS novel and I am really glad to find you. I would like to request for the password. Many thanks in advance and thanks also for your hard work.

  19. hi kara… can i request for the password too? i wanted to read this novel too…. love the series… right now im addicted to moon/sun… thank you very much for your effort…

  20. Hi Kara,
    I really happy that I found your page ^^. I would love to read the novel in English. Could you please give me the password for the file ?Thanks you =]

  21. hi kara dear,i would like to read the english translated SKKS novel too coz im still not over the skks fever…can u email me the password 4 the download?thnx a lot..

  22. Hi Kara,
    I just found your page; I love the Sungkyungkwan Scandals drama. I would love to read the novel in English too; if you don’t mind, could you please give me the password for the file, so I could download it? Many thanks to you :-))

  23. Oh, ok. That and the moon that embraces the sun novels are some of what I’m looking for, hopefully I can find the translated versions. I’m reading skks now. Thanks again for sharing. ♥

  24. Hi! I was searching for the english translated version for the novel turned series “The painter of the wind” when I remember about Sungkyunkwan scandal being a novel too. May I ask for the password for this novel? I’m looking forward to reading the novel and comparing it to the drama..

  25. hi there!
    could you send me the password for this novel? I’ve been searching for it and wanting to read it for ages 😀 thanks for translating this novel, really love it!

    thank you! 😀

    1. Hello!

      No, it wasn’t me who translated the novel, how I wish it was. It was yogurutu who translated bits of the novel, most of it the Kim Yoonhee-Lee Sunjoon interaction.

  26. Hi Kara,

    Can you send me the password for the SKKS translation? The drama was great and caused me to desperately search for the novel translation. Oh and thank you for salvaging the SKKS translations for us, even if some of us are unappreciative and unwilling to comment. 😀

  27. hello!

    may i have the password as well? i would love to read this novel… ^_^ thank you very much!

  28. Hello Kara Elayne ,what a relief, Ive found your english translation of SKKS novel.Could you please share with me your password for the novel.
    Thank you very much.

  29. Hello girls!

    I will be emailing to you the password for the SKKS English translation. ☺ I hope you provide a legit email address while posting a comment here.


    I’ve emailed the password already. Please do not share it with others. Let them request for it. I will be changing the password from time to time. Thank you and enjoy reading!

  30. Hi Kara,
    Could please send me the password for accessing the SKKS eng translation? I would love to read it. Thanks for translating. Keep the good work.
    Waiting for your email soon.

  31. hi Kara, im so glad i’ve found your website. I was able to read some of yogurutu’s translation of SSKS novel. Unfortunately it can’t be accessed anymore. Although I was able to finish watching the SSKS drama, I still want to read the novel. Would you kindly share with me your password for the novel. I would appreciate it very much.

  32. Hello kara elayne!
    May I request the password for Sunkyankwan Scandal novel?
    Thank you so much for sharing Yogurutu’s work with us!

  33. Hello Kara, I was soooo happy to find your website after googling for the much wanted novel. I, too, read a lot of the chapters translated by Yuguruto but, unfortunately, did not manage to finish all of it before her blog was blocked out. I was hoping someone managed to save all the work she has done and many thanks to you and others who have saved her work and are willing to share it. I would LOVE to read it and would be very grateful if you could provide me the password.

    For your information, there are a number of people at Soompi looking for the translated novel. Perhaps you would like to direct them to your site. I am sorry to hear that people are not appreciative of your hard work in gathering all the chapters of this fabulous english translated novel by Yuguruto. I know it is hard work – thanks soooooo much.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Maddy!

      If you were backreading at Soompi SKKS thread, I am kara_elayne there. I haven’t been there for ages now.

      Is there any way I can email you the password? Is this a legit email add you are using to post your comment here?

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