Reasons Why I Miss The Good Old Happy Philippines*

Note: Philippines* (yes, with an asterisk, baby) being referred to as our old workplace, where all the fun and happy people used to be, yes, even with the presence of the Supreme Leader (aka Vi) of the now North Korea*.

  • Unlimited lunch time. Actually, any time can be lunch time. You can eat at 9:00AM, 10:00AM, or you can have lunch by 12:30PM and come back by 2:00PM. No hassle.
  • No stupid and impossible tardiness rules. Yes, tardiness is being discouraged since the old Philippine* days, but we don’t have this stupid you-can-only-be-late-twice-a-month policy. I still think it is soooo ridiculous.
  • Awesome, happy people.Yeah, none of those creepy, touchy-feely ones, and an FOB at that. The mofo! I miss the noisy, funny workmates. Where are they now?
  • No generals, mafias and even the Supreme Leader was quite tame-able. Bring on the rats, Raymond! Yes, that is what she is afraid of. Rats. Seeing her scamper from her workstation screaming for Raymond is one of the bestest memories ever. No one can top that yet.
  • Cyber democracy! Not a plan of me doing some major rally at Mendiola has cross my mind. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Multiply, all the known social media existing during that time. The brightest days for a social media whore like me.
  • Birthdays were fun!You only get to feed 20+ pax. Now it’s a dreaded thing! Not only you get a little more older, your wallet’s getting wrinkles too thinking how to feed 50+ pax.
  • Each company is like an autonomous region. You have your own gobernador-heneral, though in ours, it comes in the form of The Betch, but it was much better since you can just kiss-arse her and she will be tickled fink. Now everything has to go through the general General. Dognabbit.
  • The fun bickering, bantering, joking, laughing, fun times. Bonding. Darn, with the mass exodus of some of the fun people I know, it’s like Zombieville in North Korea*. You barely see and gossip with friends during the day, except during the timed lunchbreak. North Korea* is breaking friendships. *sobs*

Aside from the direct working relations with the Eternal Leader (aka The Darkling), life in the Philippines* was so much fun. Now, I am really entertaining thoughts of leaving North Korea*, but I have to be prepared for that. With all the rules and restrictions and the dwindling down of some of the good workforce and benefits, it is already suffocating working there. Just hold on for a bit. Who knows, I might land in Japan*.


One thought on “Reasons Why I Miss The Good Old Happy Philippines*

  1. I like the way you injected humor on truth without hurting the essence of what you want to say… its fun reading your post… im afraid its going to be one of my crazy habits… keep up your great work. 🙂

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