[Scribbles] Study Interrupted

Note: Okay, this is inspired by my extreme love of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and for the love of my over-the-top OTP ever, Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee. this was written early this yeat, and I have to dig out my obsolete Tumblr account to find this old post. 


Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee

It’s exams week at Sungkyunkwan, and as expected  the brainiac couple, Lee Sunjoon and Kim Yoonhee, are staying up late to study and prepare for the exams. They had their books on top of their study table. Sunjoon, fighting his sleepiness, was lying on the bed reading, while Yoonhee was sitting with her back leaning against the table at the foot of their beds, facing Sunjoon, reading her book too.

“How are you getting along with your book?” Sunjoon asked Yoonhee.

“There is this paragraph here that I’ve been reading again and again but I don’t seem to fully understand what it means,” answered Yoonhee.

“Let me see it.” Sunjoon got up from his bed and took the book from Yoonhee, placing it on the table. Yoonhee settled herself beside him while he was reading the page from his book.

“Oh, you’re right,” he said, “this is quite difficult but I understand it. Here, I’ll explain it to you.”

While Sunjoon was explaining the lesson to her, Yoonhee was looking at his face. How handsome he is. Those lovely eyes, his red lips, his white neck, and oh, the way his Adam’s apple moved when he talks looked so sexy too.

Suddenly, she moved closer to Sunjoon and kissed his neck.

“…that the mind and the heart of a good leader should be- Yoonhee, what  are you doing?”

“Hmmm?” Yoonhee continued kissing the now stoned Sunjoon, her lips moving to his Adam’s apple, kissing up to his chin, opening her eyes a bit, looking into Sunjoon’s eyes.

“What were you saying?” She smiled teasingly at him.

“Is this another excuse of yours?  Even saying you don’t understand the lesson -” Sunjoon stopped talking as Yoonhee traces his jawline with her tongue, going up to his earlobe, flicking her tongue at the soft flesh as she softly whispered in his ear.

“Don’t you like it?.” She nibbled his earlobe, as his arm slowly wrapped around her waist, his breathing getting heavy.

Yoonhee put her arms around Sunjoon’s neck, her lips finding his, kissing him slowly yet passionately. Sunjoon, his mind not yet fully grasping what is happening, tried to speak to her against her lips. “Yoonhee-” but was stopped short when he felt his lower lip being  nibbled on. He pulled her against him, sitted her on his thighs and wrapped his arms tightly around her as he kissed her back. The kiss is so addictive, they can’t seem to stop. Yoonhee kissed his eyelids, his nose, his cheeks, down to his chin, his throat.  Her fingers play at the little hairs at the back of his neck, gently tracing down his spine.

Sunjoon groaned, putting his hands on both her cheeks, claiming her lips again.

After a while which seemed like years, they broke apart.  Sunjoon is caressing Yoonhee’s swollen lips with his thumb, Yoonhee is smiling at him. Oh, how this person is always driving him crazy. He almost went mad when he thought he was in love with a man, and now, this woman in his arms is still making him crazy. Looking deep into her eyes, aaaah, he could just get drown in them forever. He leans forward for another kiss, and just when their lips touched, Yoonhee turned around and picked up her book on the table.

“So, you were saying that in order to achieve his dreams, the heart and mind of a good leader should be one with his people, am I right? Is that what this phrase mean?” She turned to Sunjoon, seeking confirmation with her answer.

Sunjoon looked back at her with a look of shock, disbelief. Is she really this fickle minded? A moment ago she was a passionate woman arousing the inner heat in him, and now she’s talking and acting as if nothing happened between them moments ago?

“Kim Yoonhee!”

“Yes? So I got it right? Tell me. I still have a few chapters to read.” She turned back to her book, pretending to read when all the while, she has to bit her lower lip to stop herself from giggling.

“I can’t believe you, Kim Yoonhee. After all that, you just gonna turn your back on me and read?”

Yoonhee feigns yawning. “I think I am going to sleep now. I’ll just continue reading tomorrow. What about you?” She moved to her sleeping space and before she could get under her blanket, Sunjoon jumped on her, pushing her down on the bed, silencing a forthcoming shriek with a kiss. Yoonhee giggle-kissed back, and is wriggling underneath Sunjoon, but he was quite big and heavy her efforts are futile.

Panting, Sunjoon looked down at her, saying,”Me? I am going to study, and whether you like it or not, you have to listen to me.” he propped himself up on his elbow while browsing through his book with the other hand.

“And you have to study and read lying on top of me?”

“Yes. So you can’t turn your back on me again. Or pretend to be sleepy and leave me to study alone.”

Yoonhee let out a soft laugh at his words. Oh, how she loved this  man, and how thankful she  is that, even though Jaeshin sahyung and Yongha sahyung knew about her gender and her relationship with Sunjoon, they still allow them to spend time together alone.

Her thoughts were disturbed when she felt Sunjoon’s breath against her ear. He was reading to her, but she can’t understand anything – his breath tickles her so she giggled.

“Are you even listening to me? Why are you giggling?”

“Your breath tickles me, hihihi!”

“Is that so?” He smiled at her. “Would it tickle if I do this?”  He pushed aside the robe at her collarbone and rubbed his chin on her shoulder and neck. Sunjoon haven’t shaved for 2 days.

“Lee Sunjoon, stop it! Stop it! OMG!” (Do they say OMG way back then? LOL!) Yoonhee just have to supress a loud giggle or else she would wake the whole dorm. She wriggled under Sunjoon, and pushed him hard off her. Panting, she sat up, “… I could have waken up the whole dorm!” She then proceeded to fix her hair.

“Wait!” Sunjoon sat up too, facing her. Yoonhee gave him a questioning look. “I want to see your hair down.”

Sunjoon looked at her lovingly, reaching out to touch her hair through his fingers.  Because she had to pose as a man, she can’t have her hair down anytime. With her hair flowing gently down her shoulders, Yoonhee looked more beautiful than ever. He could get drown and drunk in her beauty and still could want some more.

Gently, he pulled her on top of him, kissing her, caressing her hair, rubbing her back, her sides, her bottom. Yoonhee’s eyes went wide, Sunjoon’s hands seemed to be everywhere on her. She started to protest, but her words were muffled by his kisses. She gave in to  the passion and kissed him back. Sunjoon rolled on top of her, untied the ribbons of her robe, kissed  her neck, shoulders, chest.



“Sunjoon…” Yoonhee cupped his face with her hands and looked him in the eyes. “I don’t think…”

“What?” Sunjoon rolled on his sides, looking into her eyes with a hint of disappointment.

“I don’t think we should do it. Not yet? I mean, it could be… But that doesn’t mean that… Oh!”

“I know what you mean. ” He gave her a sad smile, then pulled her in his arms. “I’m sorry for even thinking about it.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry, I want that too.” She blushed, realizing what she had just said. She whispered, “It’s not yet time for that.”

“Saranghae, Kim Yoonhee.” He smiled at her worried face. “I love you, and know that I never doubted your love for me ever.”

“I love you too, Lee Sunjoon, and thank you for understanding.”

“There’s one thing I ask though.”

“Oh?” She hurriedly fixed her sleeping gown.

“Would you at least sleep beside me tonight? In my arms? No pillows between us?”


“No? Yoonhee!”

“I said no. No…pillows between us.” She giggled at his  facial expression.

“Oh, you woman! You are always making me crazy!”

Yoonhee buried her face against Sunjoon’s chest, laughing softly. “Let’s sleep before I can make you more crazier.”

The end. Finally!


8 thoughts on “[Scribbles] Study Interrupted

  1. I love the Fanfics but it cannot end there surely!!!
    I love SKKS so much and I would love to see the translation of the 2nd book in full. Any chance we get to see this work soon?
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    1. Thank you, dear, the fic has supposed to be an alternative mature ending, hehehe. Yeah, I even have a draft of the succeeding supposed to be chapters at home, but I dunno if I should push through writing them.

      I dunno if we can get a full translation of the second book, what with yoguruto missing in action, but from what I have heard, there is nothing much happening in the second book. Well, Sunjoon-Yoonhee-wise.

  2. I suddenly remembered the last scene of SKKS and imagined that this was the continuation!!! Wahhh….this made me crazy and even though PMY is dating LMH, I still wanted her to end up with PYC, which was impossible since she can’t date both of them at the same time…. BTW, I wanted to read more ChunYoung fanfics and if you don’t mind, can u send them or at least give a link?? ^_^

    1. Hahaha, would it be rude of me to say that Yucheon and Minyeong has more chemistry than Minho and Minyeong? There is this site where all SKKS fanfics were posted, but I can’t seem to remember the exact URL, even the name of the site. It’s Lunar something, geeesh, pardon my poor memory. Try also visiting wedspawn.livejournal.com, though it was a TVXQ fanfic page, but she has a couple of SKKS fanfics posted in there too. Happy reading!

      1. It’s not rude to say that ChunYoung has more chemistry than MinMin..*hides from minmin shippers*, thanks for the links, it’s okay if you can’t remember, I will at all cost find all of their fanfics together…it’s weird that I wanted to read their fanfics when you know a tragedy happened…maybe that’s because my heart keeps on telling me that MulRang will always be real in my heart…^_^ salamat!

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