Pardon my foul mouth but I feel like going for a kill tonight, aaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhh! I was typing my entry for today, with what 800+ words that I have been pounding on this keyboard and then, BAAAM! My computer froze. Fuckin’ froze just like that and guess what? I have not saved the entire damn entry! Fuck my life but I am sooooo disappointed like mad and there is no way that I can recover those! Gaaaawd, I was even soooo happy gossiping the shitiness that we have in North Korea* lately and the bliss I have with my new e-books and all the stuff that has something to do with my roller coaster ride of fangirling and then it was all gone. Just like that! Shat!

Now this makes me remember all the shitiness that happened today, even though I tried hard not to be too fuckin’ violent lately but some things would just happen to provoke me! I am going to kill that person who ate my lunch today, leaving me with just a cup of coffee for lunch. That idiot! I wish he would get a severe tummy ache from eating my noodles! GRRRRRRR!

I need some supermassive cooling off.


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