Rambles of a Frustrated Bookmonsterworm

So, last night, despite the heavy traffic, I still went to the mall to check on the book sale. When I got there, James Patterson, David Baldacci and John Grisham are still on 170 pesos per hardbound. I cannot wait till they get to 50 pesos per book! Still, I browsed about and I found a Jeffery Deaver book for only 50 pesos, yay! That, and some humour paperback then I went home.

Then I made the biggest mistake ever.

I dropped by Powerbooks and there, my world crushed and my pockets wept. James Patterson is on sale there for 100 pesos per hardbound, and there are lots of them! I wanted to take all the books in my arms and never let go till I paid for them, but then there are tooooo many of them books I know my wallet is going to bleed if I am going to be stubborn and buy all of them. I want them all.

There were notebooks too. Darn cute notebooks with Victorian designs, others with leather and some with cute floral girly like designs and I want them all too! Plus the cute bookmarks are not helping my bleeding heart. How come they are soooo cute and a delight to mine eyes? Why are they soooo tempting me?

I left Powerbooks with a heavy heart.


I should start writing to Santa Claus now.


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