Dear Diary… x [Headaches, Mondays and Shamcey Supsup]

September 19, 2011
I-was-almost-late-for-work Monday!

Mood: Not good
Playing: TVXQ – The Way U Are

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Dear Diary,

Woke up with a massive headache today. Mondays and headaches should not go together, right? As much as I want to skip work and stay at home, I would not be doing much at home, plus I can’t blog my arse away as I would be stuck with my reads again.

Had my nails done yesterday and the manicurist, as much as I like the way she does my nails, was soooo slow. It took me 2 hours to have my nails done. Good thing I was not in a hurry or something or else I am prolly pissed by then.

I have so much in mind to write but I dunno where to start now. This is one of my pet peeves. I just have to write down my thoughts the moment I have them running in my mind or else they will be entangled with the other nonrelevant thoughts and then I would end up not knowing what to write now.

I am getting bored at work. Seriously. I hate hearing the sound of telephones ringing. I hate being nice and cheery to callers who are shameless basterds at times. This is becoming too much of a routine. Plus the people I used to work here are slowly disappearing.

Yesterday our church pastor asked me if I did some tutorials before, and I said yes. I used to teach in high school, and he said he had a Korean friend who was looking for a tutor in English, and he thought of me. (God bless your soul, pastor!) It was just near my place and I can do it after office hours. OMG! Is this going to be a good opportunity for me? I hope so. I pray so.

Now I really need to work up on my Korean lessons. I haven’t picked up my notes for quite some time now. Pabo.

While having my nails done, I watched this interview of Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up. Knowing that she as a topnotcher for the architectural examinations, she gained my admiration and respect. Hearing her answer to the question at the pageant made me admire her more. But after the interview yesterday, I say, she is my kind of a woman. Beauty, body and DEFINITELY brains. When asked if she had a boyfriend, she right away answered yes; her advocacy, education; to promote Philippine tourism, we need security. Shejust impresses me with her answers. She definitely is not a late bloomer too! She is a beautiful woman since forever and she graduated with honors during high school too. Awww, I like her a lot.

I am so going to post this without beta-ing my own entry. I have a headache and my left shoulder blade is aching.

What the fuck is this thing they are saying that Anthony is going to turnover his work on me? Are they crazy? I won’t accept that! They get a goddamn replacement for him and not let other people shoulder the leftover tasks. Shit. No wonder people are leaving.

I was about to write about something else too, it is already at the back of my mind but I cannot remember it for the love of everything neurotic! Oh well.

I hope this is going to be fine as it progresses. I am getting antsy already.

, not-so-happy-with-her-post k


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