Dear Diary… ix [Of Books and Criminal Minds]

September 16, 2011
Trying-to-make-up-for-the-rants Friday!

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Dear Diary,

I want to to make up for the rant post I had yesterday. You see, I was PMS-ing, still do and forever will, but then yesterday was just a mix of everything frustrating and I just lost it. But I don’t feel apologetic for that, I just need to vent it out or else I will be boiling within.

What else could make me happy and forget the blues away? Books! Hahahaha! Marianne and I went to Booksale in Megamall last night. It is a secondhand shop for books and imagine my happiness shoot up seeing a shelf full of old school Sweet Valley High paperbacks! OMG! There were even the saga ones! I want to buy Jessica’s Secret Diary and Elizabeth’s Secret Diary but the books look old and the covers were torn. Pfffft. Then on the other shelf were The Hardy Boys Casefiles series! Awwwww! I want to buy all of them, but then they are so thin, less than a hundred pages prolly. I want something thick and hard. 0.0 I asked them if they have the Hardy Boys classics in hardbound, but alas, the only hardbounds they have are the graphic novel ones.


I was supercalifragilisticexpialidocioussuoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus happy when I found one good book in hardbound and within my price standard limit! It was Michael Crichton’s Disclosure. I have read the book, I have seen the movie but who can resist the hardbound copy of it at 50 pesos only? Of course, I grabbed it at once, telling myself not to squeal my lungs away, hahaha! I am praying to the nerd gods also to give me a copy of any Frank Perreti’s books while I was browsing through the religion section, and funny, at the bottomest shelf, I found a non-religious book, Dean KoontzForever Odd. Well, maybe it was placed there since the story was about life after death, a person who can talk to dead people and stuff like that. I dunno, but it sounds interesting. Much different from the lone Dean Koontz book I read which I think is for schizoids.

Bogsie: What kind of books do you read?

Me: Anything that interests me, nothing much in particular. I can read sappy books to psycho thrillers though I am into the latter more than the former.

Bogsie: Oh, why?

Me: It teaches you a swag way to kill people. I could use that in the future.

Awwww, Bogsie’s expression after hearing that was priceless. He was mock avoiding me, saying he wants to live longer, hahahaha! The git.

Well, it does somehow teach you how to be a smooth killer, or on a positive note, defy death. Some of the things I have learned so far, as I can remember:

  • When attempting to shoot a person outside a building or some enclosed places, paint your windows black so that the barrel of your ammunition won’t send out reflections and thus alarming your target.
  • When cornered with a gun aimed at your direction, do not look at the gunman’s eyes. Focus on the hands and try to calculate the time and movements needed to get out of the bullet’s way. No one died from a pair of eyes.
  • Always aim for the head. Your target cannot fire back if he has been hit on the head.

I still need to review how to skin people alive, ala The Silence of The Lambs style.

One thing, I have to have music plug to my ears while reading. I just realized that lately, I dunno. Call it one of my supermultitasking skills, hahahaha! But it has to be something hard and loud. No K-pop, darling. Or else everything else will be pushed to the back and I will end up singing along and fangirling instead. Besides, reading about criminals and listening to these kyupta oppaaaaaaaaaaa is… just… it does not go along well. Rock music is fine while reading about busting the criminals. It gives your imagination some good background music and BAM! You have got one good mental movie playing in your head.

I wish it’s lunch time already. I cannot wait to eat lunch and read my book. I am in the interesting part already. Oh, this is my current read.

 , k the read monster

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