Dear Diary… viii [Cosmic and Jedi Conspiracy]

September 15, 2011
Happy Fuckin’ Payday

Mood: Pissed!
Playing: Hinder – Get Stoned

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

I think all the cosmic forces and all the Jedi masters have conspired against me and cyber activities and capabilities. My only issue here is my WiFi connection, which after learning that I can have two connections here in North Korea*, BOOM! They were dead. Killed. Murdered. Zombied. I mean, they are there, I can see them, I can join the connection but what the fuck, they are not working at all. And this piece of shat called the telephone is not helping my bad mood already as it keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing and when I answer the demn thing, all I get is an effin’ dial tone! Shat to the core!

Well, you see here, since I think that the WiFi connection is already a hopeless case, (I cannot stress this enough!) I just need to get on to my Twitter. For the love of all blue and slimy, please I need my Twitter, which made me use my mobile phone. Just to get a glimpse of my beloved timeline. But did my network allow me? No fuckin’ way! It keeps on connecting and disconnecting and connecting and disconnecting, spawning evil babies which made my connection even more of a hopeless case. I called the said network and guess what? After staying on the phone for a few minutes, wasting the last bits of patience that I have left in order to report my problem, I GOT WONDERFULLY DISCONNECTED! What the fuck?! I don’t care if people starts to nag me about soaping my dirty mouth but fuck! You expect me to stay calm, when I had been veeeeeeeeeeerrry patient since last night?! Plus I have enough naggers in my family to last me a lifetime, as if I can do something about it.

Please don’t apply the second law of thermodynamics on me! Puh-lease!

In a place where the motto is Back to Block, BLOCK being the favourite word of some arseholes here, I do really want to shove some BLOCK up their arses. This is sooooooooooo suffocating already! I want to be outta here! Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, oh won’t you please take me hooooooooooome!

Sorry, diary, I am such in a mess today. I dunno why Thursdays are usually my bitch days. It’s just everything is not going right today.

At least I am feeling a bit better now that I have ranted. Gawd, I hate venting and ranting but there is no other way to let out the stress and frustrations other than this. I dun want to be bottled up! Shat!

Now lemme have my breath back and I will start counting sheep before I go back to these mountains and mountains of papers in front of me.


Pissing the day away,



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