…because I am PMS-ing, GDI!

✔ Hot tempered
✔Mood swings
✔Monster cravings

A few symptoms of a PMS-ing girl. Well, at least that speaks for me. Most likely the reason why I was easily pissed off this morning (but then who would not be? Considering the state of emergency my cyber life is into.)

Pardon me, as this post is all loose ends and no moral lesson whatsoever. This is just me, a PMS-ing girl on the drama.

Now I am craving for cappuccino. I asked Marianne to go down to 7-Eleven with me to buy cappuccino because all of a sudden, I was hit with an intense craving for it. I could imagine the smell  and the taste already. I am all ready to die and go to cappuccino heaven.

Downstairs, I happily grabbed a paper cup – a large paper cup – set it under the machine and click the button. Nothing happened. Click click click. Nothing happened still. Then I saw that scribbled signage on the machine: NOT AVAILABLE.

Me: Marianne, it’s not available!

Marianne: If you really want to buy cappuccino, then we can go to the other 7-Eleven store.

Me: But that was a bit far from here, and I cannot stay long outside.

Marianne: Then we will buy later when we go home.

Me: But I want cappuccino. Now. This very instant.

Marianne: Okay, what about some ice cream or something for your craving? Chupa Chups lollipop? You like strawberry and cream, right?

Me: Nooooo! I want cappuccino!

We ended up buying nothing. Now I am having my third cup of the same old boring coffee I drink every day. I feel like throwing rocks now because nothing else matters to my world this very moment but to have cappuccino. What I would give to get my hands on that orgasmic cappuccino right now. *cries*

I feel like throwing my coffee now. It hurts my heart that I am drinking this thing instead of the cappuccino.

Like how it hurt my heart when I was PMS-craving for chocolate cake a long time ago.

I just wanted chocolate cake. Any kind. I am looking for a certain kind or a certain brand. As long as it is chocolate cake. The thing is, I got that craving at 12:00 midnight. When all the cake shops are closed except for Mini Stop and 7-Eleven. But even those has no more cheap chocolate cake slices available for sale. I cried my poor little heart out then. My brother thought I had gone loony.

I’ll go cure my cravings with my fangirling now.



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