Dear Diary… vii [Life Lost, Mass Exodus and Church Boredom]

September 14, 2011
Drizzly Humpday

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Playing: Adele – Rolling In The Deep

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Dear Diary,

Sad news. I talked with Lara last weekend since we have not talked like forever and she told me about their drama week. Our friend Girlie was rushed to the hospital for an emergency caesarean operation, she was seven months pregnant, and said that after 2 hours, the baby died. Aside from being premature, he had weak lungs so he did not survived. It was soooo sad. It was their first baby, after being married for years, and now it was lost. I was teary eyed when Lara was telling me the story. The immediate family cannot bear to bury the baby’s body, so it was Lara and her family who buried the baby. I wish I was there to give Girlie and hubby a hug.

Another sad thing is the said mass exodus of the workers of Y-Films. I dunno what is happening and why it is happening but to think that the people you have been working with for years would just leave is saddening. Maybe they are not happy anymore? Maybe they want to have a different working atmosphere? Maybe they want to have a higher pay? The thing also is, once you are out of Y-Films, you have to be careful with your dealing with old friendships. Aaah, just thinking about it makes me sad. I miss the good ol’ days.

God would surely strike me with lightning saying this, but I just have to be honest. Church bores me lately. It is the same routine thing for me. I dunno if it was just me or what, but I need something to interest me. Been listening to the same messages again and again, singing the same songs again and again, doing the same thing again and again. The passion of doing such is lost. The meaning behind those activities was shoved to the back. Messages and worship songs fail to touch my heart anymore. I am doing the said stuff just to “comply to my worship process” and to stop my mama and father from nagging me to go to church. It seems like I do not have a choice. Or maybe I need to have a different approach?

Sometimes it really means something working with people whom you are on the same level of thinking, on the same wavelength as you. New ideas and creative means are okay, but if done again and again and again, it is not fun anymore.

Sorry, it seems like I have frustrating stories lately.

, k


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