1400 Things To Be Happy About vi [TVXQ’s She]

창민 & 윤호

6. TVXQ’s She

OMG! I just love love love and love this song! One morning, father manbitched me and I was sooooo pissed I did not even dare say something or else I would go @$^#%!%#@%!@. I just took my pod and play She and Changmin and Yunho calmed me down. This song cannot be NOT in my pod.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I found some fanmade video of this song but as much as I want to put it here in my post, I cannot! It is one of my dark secrets/guilty pleasures. Hahahaha! *facepalm*

아이같이 자랑스러워요
바보 같은 표정 돼버려요
제발 내게만 웃어요 oh She~ She~
당신의 끝이고 싶은걸요
그 곳만이 천국인 걸요
세상 하나 뿐인 oh She~ She~


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