Dear Diary… vi [A Hog, Lousy Internet, Fangirling and A Trip To North Korea]

September 9, 2011 – Crazy Unproductive Friday
September 10, 2011 – Rainy Saturday afternoon. Why does time fly sooooo fast especially on weekends? They need to be extended!
105 sleeps before Kissmass!

Mood: Hyper!
Location: Pyongyang, North Korea* In the middle of nowhere
Playing: TVfXQ Playlist – Because I need to feed the inner K-Pop fangirl in me.

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

Something happened today yesterday that made me sooooo pissed!

This was written yesterday but then certain circumstances happened, the reason I was not able to write. Anyway, those that made me pissed, I am telling now.

Friday. A day both a curse and a blessing. Curse because it is usually the day when collectors and messengers come to the office to pick up their cheques and send billings. Blessing because it is the last day of the working week and I am sooooo looking forward to roll about in bed and read my eyes out till the wee hours of the day without worrying that I have to wake up early the next day for work. Woooot! Usually when I am not that busy, I can manage to type a few for my blogs. Okay, that was the pretentious me. Usually I am soooo looking forward to my mighty morphine blogging time!

The Don of the North Korea* Mafia came to my area and asked me if I can spare my desktop for a bit. They are going to install that dreaded DTR system again in my PC. Oh, just how many times I have prayed that that system would die. I hate it. It is the controlling factor of us ninjas! I was like, how long it would take to install the demn program? Would it take half a day, whole day? It’s Friday, I have so much stuff to log and type and my blog is due today and I cannot be without my PC for most of the day.  Yada yada  yada.  Sadly, I have no choice. I have to give up my PC for that time being.

My mobile internet is not working either. Smart is having its monthly period and I was sooo in need to have access to my Twitter that against wrong judgment and impulsive actions, I went out to buy a Globe SIM so I can browse the internet while some bastard was hogging my computer – and my personal space. Story about that to follow.

Remind me again why after 10 years I dumped Globe and jumped over to the Smart fence? It is because the fucked up Smart internet connection is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much better than Globe’s normal speed. Gaaaah! That is something, being a Globe subscriber for more than a decade now. What the? I want to head desk myself for being stupid, for going all the way to buy a SIM and some load which still results to shit. Sigh. I was impatient, so this is punishment. *head desk*

Okay, so I was fuming over Globe’s connection, the basterd who hogged my PC without prior permission was Skype-ing using my PC with some help of Team Viewer, because as you already know, we are at North Korea*. Instant messenging programs are considered illegal. Unless you are one evil genius ninja. Like me. (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Chajattda chajattda chajattdaaaaaaa! It is a secret and I am not telling.) I was like, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I gave up my precious PC time for you to Skype?! Get done with whatever it is that you have to do and then leave.” Not only that, he has got his bags scaaaaaaaaaattered messily all over my area. He was like being a king over my desk! Feeling really murderous here! Even eating and drinking like he was just at home. Ugh. Thank you, Self Control, for not allowing me to strangle him blue. Seriously. Plus, while waiting for whatever it is that he was installing, he was playing with his phone, rolling and spinning in on my table which is pissing to the ears. Mister, if you have some obnoxious mannerisms and/or habits or what, please leave them at home. Thank you, Self Control, for not making me pick up his phone and introduce to the concrete wall in a forceful mannner. Phew.

Bottomline: He is very irritating. Irritating is even an understatement to describe him.

Was supposed to go to an eat-all-you-can lunch that day, I did not even eat breakfast that morning. Prepping my tummy for some serious chow, but bad news. They did not get reservations at the resto, so it was cancelled. I panicked. So did my tummy. Where am I supposed to eat then? Being on an iritated mode over some hog made me more hungry and now I dunno where to get some chews. The dilemma. But thankfully, it was easily solved. Eat-all-you-can date is moved to next week.

The thing I hate when I can write/type down my entries is my ideas and thoughts fade away. Especially when fangirling gets in the way. I just went totally mindfucked. My gawd! Who gets mindfucked in a rush typing over something personal? Only fangirling can do that. Only fangirling has that effect on me.

Why did I read that entry over some fangirl’s girl? @$^#^!%$#@%#$^$^ Seriously,  I was squealing and giggling and kicking my legs on the air, with my mind empty except for that object of my precious fangirling! I think I am going to die a happy yaoi death, hahahahahaha! Please, don’t do that to me when my heart is not yet prepared! This is mentally and cardiacally stressful!

Guess what? I bought a hardbound copy of Through Gates of Splendor in Booksale for only 15 pesos! OMG! That is one freaking best buy! I was sooooo excited and happy when I found it – that book was book report when I was in the fifth grade. Nostalgia. I was looking for some other David Baldacci and John Grisham books too (I want them hardbound!) but still they are at 170 pesos. Was hoping for some 50 pesos ones. Pffft.

Max exodus seems to be the trend lately. Massive groups of K-Pop are flying over to Japan. Workers in my beloved North Korea* are also self exiling themselves to nowhere. The sad thing is, those workers are my friends. Friends whom I have been with for years. What is going on in Y-Films? Is it about time to bring down the Supreme Leader*?

(*) means they are just code names. No offense to the North Koreans. Though I can’t help but chuckle over this North Korea Travel Guide in Wiki.

Now back to my regular programming. Ta ta!

, k


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