Because Summer and Rein Are Cute Just Like That.

I was laying on bed when Summer came up to me and kissed me from behind.

Me: Hey Sweebs!
Summer: Auntwee, I have surprise for you. *gave me two yellow Angry Bird toys*
Me: Wow! Where did you get this?
Summer: I bought it outside our school.
Me: Why are you giving me your Angry Birds toys?
Summer: Because I love you, Auntweeeee!

Because Summer can be sweet and a mush.

Few minutes later, Rein came up to me sniffling.

Rein: Auntwee, do you love me too?
Me: Of course, baby. Why are you crying?
Rein: Because Summer gave you Angry Birds. I don’t have Angry Birds to give you. You don’t love me as you love Summer.
Me: Auntie loves Sweebs and Twerbs. Stop crying now.
Rein: *wipes tears* Yes, Auntwee. I love you. I will tell Summer.

Because Rein can be dramatic like that.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya that when Rein came up to me sniffling, she was carrying her checkered handbag (she’s always carrying that bag 24/7!), wearing pale pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow.

Me: Stop crying now, kiss Auntwee.
Rein: I have lipstick, Auntwee.
Me: Well, your eyeshadow is now ruined because you were crying.
Rein: *stops crying in an instant* But I still won’t kiss you, Auntwee, I said I have lipstick. *goes down to Summer*

Because Rein is a kikay like that. ^^


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