1400 Things To Be Happy About i [Text Message]

Since I bumped into this, I will try to list down the things to be happy about, instances that made me smile and people that brighten up my day in their own little way. I will be adding to list daily until I reached the 1400 mark. No repetitions.

Gawd, I may sound petty and materialistic and everything carnal, but if it makes me happy, then it can’t be that bad, right, Alanis?

Things To Be Happy About

1. A text message from a dear friend who has lung cancer and brain tumor.

This means a lot to me, because I love this friend so much, she is like a mother to me. Her sickness came as a shock to me since I know her as a health conscious lady. She is a fighter, and even if she is now weak and sick, her positive disposition and outlook in life makes me hold on to the faith that one day, she will be okay. I love her.

A simple text message but it holds a lot of hope. Of strong will. Of wanting to live.


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