Dear Diary… v [Of Friendships and Stressful Mornings]

September 7, 2011 – Happy Wumpy Humpday~!

Mood: In between happy  and stressed
Location: Y-Films Tower, Pyongyang, North Korea*
Playing: TVXQ – Forever Love

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

Remember that day when I was whining and whining and whining for friends? Hahahaha, I sound a lot like a spoilt kid then but guess what? My cyberfriends from like forever were all hogging my Facebook notifications and there was like a little cyber reunion for us! OMG! I just can’t believe it. I mean, after not talking to them for years, except for some which I still keep minimal contact with on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, here they are! Coming back to rescue my friendship life in some sweet sort of a nice way.

Hanging Out With Friends

Gawd, I have known some of these people 10-12 years back, and seeing them online again feels like a high school homecoming. And my very first cyber sister is getting married to the guy she met online too (I know him, we were in the same forum then) next year, and I was like, “Is it not way overdue already? You have been together for aaaaaaaages!” But I am really and truly happy for them, especially these times when relationships are like condoms – easy to put on and easy to dispose. Okay, that is one very wrong comparison, but you get what I mean, yah?

One of them even remembers me as “his favourite East Asian girl” (which is not hard, considering that I think I was the only Asian on that board, hahaha!) and associates me with Wonderbra, hahahaha! Well, that was one of the inside fun jokes we had back then, we had this so called club for the big boobies – The Bouncy Bouncy Club. I miss my bouncing Fujiko ava. Hahaha! He even remembers me being a teacher before. Gawd, I felt bad not remembering much about him, except that he is American. (But I checked his Facebook profile and geeeeesh, he is Belgian. GDI memory gap.)

Gawd, these things make my heart fluffy.  Well, a part of it.

Because I think I am losing a friend, well, not really, but there is a teeny weeny possibility that she will be resigning due to non-fruition of some business ventures of the almighty Darkling.

It’s Marianne.

Just when I am getting fond of her, just when we are getting closer now, oh please, don’t let her think of resigning too because of non business. Though I understand her reasoning because she just can’t sit down and do nothing because they have no projects. She is an engineer; she needs to practice her craft. I just that this stupid non business thing won’t make me lose my friend. I mean, we’re going to be friends still, but it is different if we are not going to see each other every day. There is still Jes, but we barely hang out that much together due to some evil reason called work.

Last night, we went impulsive movie watching.

At the train station:

Marianne: I don’t feel like going home yet. No one’s there. My brother and my nephews are out.

Me: What’s showing tonight? Let’s go watch a movie!

Marianne: Why not? I think themoviethatshallnotbenamedcozitsembarrassingbutnotreally is still showing at Megamall.

Me: Gorabelles!* (gay speak for “let’s go!”)

Marianne: But I don’t have enough money here with me.

Me: I’ll lend you some. I don’t think I would want to buy food; I am still too full from kuya Bong’s pizza treat.

Speaking of food, why is it that when you are in a diet and/or successfully lose some few precious ounces off your flabby body, temptation strikes when you are at your weakest, I-cannot-resist-you-food moments?

Last week, we went on a dinner with a supplier, and I had calamares, baked green shells, and liempo with rice. Then yesterday, I had 3 slices of pizza and Pepsi. Yeah, I told Marianne that I won’t be buying any movie food. Guess what? Tadaaaaaaa! I ended up buying one extra large sour cream fries (which doesn’t taste any good compared to Tater’s and/or Potato Corner) and one giant blue bubblegum Sprite float.  Ugh. But movie without food is not any fun at all! Just that and I feel my thighs swell against my jeans in an instant. Double ugh.

My illegal WiFi is not working today. Shit. Just when I was about to have fun and rock n’ roll with my newly reunited cyberfriends in Facebook, they cut the connection. Nada. All that are left for me are locked connections which I do not have the pass codes at all!

Stressful mornings are made of these:

  • Waking up to the sound of your father talking out loud on the phone.  Told him to tone down his voice for consideration’s sake but he would still reason out with me. What is it with parents and admitting they are wrong? He could have said he is sorry, but no, he was like, “But you are about to wake up then.” Fuck. I don’t want to wake up to the sound of big loud voice. There is a reason why I don’t do alarms now.
  • Leaving the house late and worse, got stuck in a nonsense traffic. Plus the possibility of getting rained on while on the way to work, and I don’t have any rain gear with me.  Thank God it did not rain when I get to my bus stop. Oh, and I am 20 minutes late. #@$%@#$@#%@#$ I tweeted this morning about hearing Lee Brandon’s voice inside my head every time it rains, or about to rain. He used to go like, “Bring your umbrella. Do not leave home without your umbrella.” But of course I would reason out that “it’s not even raining.” He would say, “Just do what I say.” Dang, that man is right. Most of the time. I think it must be a Brit thing to have this rain sense.
  • Stressful suppliers. I was just asking them if they have official receipts (or provisional or acknowledgement receipts) with them for the cheques they are picking up in the office,  and before I knew it, I was the shock absorber of his stress. Sir, may I remind you that I am just complying to company and accounting rules that we would not be releasing any unless you have any of the said receipts with you. It is as simple as that. No need to fuss about the WTF-ery some big headed boss has been telling you. Gah.

P.S. That boss is a certified git. I am looking forward to the day he would be kicked out of Y-Films.

  • Applicants who don’t bring along pens with them. Excuse me, is this your first time applying for a job? If yes, then listen. If no, may I remind you again. You do fill up forms and do exams during application. What do you expect to use in filling up these forms? Your dirty finger? Gawd, get this into your gray matter. The basic needs of human kind are food, clothing, shelter and pens. Get that?

At least the biggest stress of all, Vi (a.k.a. White Flower, Tiger Balm) is on leave today, yaaaaaaaay! *does the banana dance*

Okay, lemme calm my nerves and enjoy my café mocha.

, k


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