Rambles of a [Not-So-Rabid-Now] Fangirl

Okay, so maybe I was a bit harsh, selfish, bitchy about 창민아’s pictures with the SuJu boys (Okay, so maybe I maybe softhearted towards 숭민 but not with that @#^%@#$!#$ 규휸, forgive me Lord, but I just can’t stand him!). and then seeing some gifs of him playing around with these boys, I realized, dang, my baby was forced to grow up with his four hyungs, he must have missed goofing around with them now that it was only 윤호 he is always with.

But then, is he not the most mature of them five? Okay, I think I am not making any sense here, hahaha! Still, there is still that little boy inside that man’s body. For sure, if 유천 and 준수 and 재중 were there with them, he would prolly be bullying and playing around those two. Awwww, I miss them.

미안해, 창민아.

But then my heart went all calm when I saw a .gif of him and 윤호 holding hands and he was shamelessly giggling at whatever his 윤호 흉was saying. Aaaaah, I am secure now. He loves his hyung. Those two were his friends, the other one is his brother. The other four were his brothers. Bonded by pain, joys, sweat and blood.

Gawd, this whole business of fangirling is messing up my head. And my heart.


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