Rambles of a [Rabid] Fangirl

I may or may not make sense but then I just to let this out or else I would explode.

I tweeted this morning this:

Because there have been fan accounts of my 창민아 kissing my most hated (okay, hate is such as a strong word but I just exxag for the sake of my friends who love this microorganism) Super Junior member, 규휸. Oh gawd. I thought my heart’s gonna burst. I mean, why 창민아? I thought you don’t like hugging your hyungs, you bully them, etc. and now, what is this that you went kissy kissy with them? Awwwww, 창민아.

Yeah, like I tweeted, you must be missing your three hyungs. You don’t have a playmate anymore, as I could not imagine 윤호흉 playing with you the way you play with 준수, or teaming up with 유천 to bully 준수. Or one-touching 재중흉. As much as I want to be happy, why am I hurting? Shit, this is not good. For the 2nd time within the past few weeks, I reacted differently to some supposed-to-be-happy news.

I won’t be posting the pics here as I dun want to rubbing salt to my wound, no?

The one I saw on Tumblr with 숭민, yeah, I could take it. But I hate it when they (delusional-than-me fanigirls) are trying to pair you with him! What is this 2Min I have been reading about? Oh come on! But that I can accept. The one with 규휸, aaaaarggghh! @!#@!%@!#$@!#% It makes me want to rip him apart!

Another sad pic, 윤호 with 대민. Sigh, what is with me? Why I am such a groupist or whatever you call it? Nothing is wrong with that but then… I just can’t help thinking that they should be playing and having fun on stage with 재중, 유천 and 준수. Shit! When would the day come that the five of you stand on the same stage together?

The frustrations of a fangirl.

On the other hand, there is very good news. Soooooo good, but it is part of my little dark secret so it cannot be posted here, hahahaha!

Gawd! If that was true, for sure, I would totally go bonkers. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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