Dear Diary… iv [Linkin Park, Screaming Fest and Missing Home]

September 5, 2011 – Manic Monday
110 sleeps before Kissmass!

Mood: Nostalgic –
Playing: TVXQ – How Can I

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Dear Diary,

I am actually sad today. I talked to my friend Lara on Yahoo! Messenger this morning, and though it was just a short chat, I felt happy talking with her. I miss her and our other friends way back home. I miss the nonsense talks, the giggles, the amazement over some things petty, I just miss them all.

There is nothing like the feeling of being with a friend who knows you in and out. Someone who may or may not share the same wavelength as you but yet you still managed to click together. Someone who is your total opposite but still you have things in common. Someone whom you can call in the middle of the night to share a joke with or to cry to over a broken heart. (Though I don’t really do that, as I keep my broken heartedness to myself most of the time.)

Had an early screaming fest at home this morning. My brother got this stupid Monday sickness again and he doesn’t want to go to school again because he had an headache, as he said. Shit. I have to drag him up from bed to go to the bathroom and he was mad!

Me: Why do you not want to go to school again?

Bro: I said I have a headache.

Me: You always said that, but later on, it will magically go away and then you will spend the rest of your day drawing.

Bro: Why are you forcing me to go to school? I have a headache, can’t you understand?

Me: Then why are you growling at me, huh? You growl only when you can bite! You are worst than Summer, with you kicking your legs like an idiot that you are!

Bro: *goes to the bathroom and slams the door* SHUT UP!


Gaaaaaah! He is pissing me off! The older he gets, the more uncontrollable he gets too. But he can’t have me wrapped around his dirty little finger, that wimp. Why are little brothers like that? Am I like that when I was a teenager? I will give the cold treatment when I get home tonight. Let’s see how long he will last with me.

OMG! I am on my 39 thousandth tweet now! To think I just started being active last year, hahaha! I love Twitter. Can you not tell? I have not visited my Facebook for days now. I would rather much read than waste time on Facebook.

I am in love with Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns album! My personal favourites are:

  • The Catalyst
  • Fallout
  • Iridescent  (the album version is sooooooooo much love!)
  • Burning In The Skies
  • Robot Boy
  • The Requiem
  • Waiting For The End

They are just love!  It’s different from their usual songs. There is there futuristic/prophetic feel to the songs plus it is electro-distorted, aaaaah, I just can’t described it but it is Real. Good.

Gotta hike now! I have some e-book to finish. Toodles!

, k


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