Age of Denial

Dinner with workmates and supplier
Friday, 9:00 PM, Seaside


The Lard: … and so, she doesn’t want to be called ate, just Rhia. But it is so awkward; obviously she is older than us.

 So-called Angel: I think she looks even older than Madame Buttkisser.

 Me: Why? How old is she?

 The Lard: I think she is 36.

 Jes: She is only 36?!

 Me: Are you sure we’re talking about her age here and not her waistline, huh?

 So-called Angel: *laughs loud* Yeah, her age.

 Belle: So the company is now hiring people who are nearing the retirement age.

 Me: How old is Jen’s reliever?

 Tacy: 42, but she lets us call her ate.

 Jes: So this Rhia is in denial, hahahaha!

 Belle: How old are you, The Lard?

 The Lard: I am 30.

 Belle: And so-called Angel, you’re 30 too?

 So-called Angel: Nooooo! I am only 27,28. (But she looks like 32 to me, really. She could be lying then, yah?)

 Me: Not so sure of your age?

 So-called Angel: *laughs*

 Belle: kara, you are 27, right?

 Me: *in full confidence* No, I am 25.  (Good thing, Jes did not hear it, hahahahaha!Or else, she would protest to death.)

 Belle: Oh, I thought you were 27.

 Me: Well, you thought wrong.  I don’t grow old. I have a Peter Pan syndrome.


4 thoughts on “Age of Denial

  1. Oh, it is the same here too, unless they are someone older than us, then we call them “uncle” or “auntie” (well, not exactly that, but the Filipino version of it).

    Oh, I guess Singapore and Philippines has a bit similarity. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha funny sis!! I enjoyed reading this! I wish i would never grow old. In singapore culture, we always call each other by name, eventhough he/she is older. Unless We don’t know his/her name or he/she is someone that we dunno…

    But if it’s relatives, we will call them politely, hahahaha, uncle xxxx, auntie xxxx ^^

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