Dear Diary… iii [Fangirling Alert!]

September 2, 2011 ~ Thank God It’s Fra-aaaaaaaiiii-day!
113 sleeps before Kissmass!

Playing: Nickelback – Never Gonna Be Alone
(They’re gonna have a new album soon, yay!)

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

My brother is such an idiot. Wednesday night he was grumpy and grumbling about his teacher not giving him a grade in his TLE class. My p’s were asking him why and he was like, “Dunno. He said I am going to be exempted from taking the long quiz and the exams. All I have to do is finish this drawing he told me to do. Now he said I have no grade.” So father told my ma to go see his teacher and inquire about the said matter. My brother was stubborn yet. He was like. “Nah, forget it. Just leave it at that.” Father explained to him that it can’t be left it at that, since it is his grades we’re talking about here. At least know the reason why he doesn’t get a grade.

I could kick him hard in the arse. Stubborn stubborn stubborn. Idiot idiot idiot. So my ma went to see his teacher at school after class. He was even pissed that ma we

I cannot think coherently because this is bothering me in a VERY GOOD WAY! GDI, Jung Yunho, what are you doing to meeeeeeeeeee?!

I’ve been wanting to finish my entry for today, but nah uh. The Jung is creeping in my mind, depriving me of my creative juices and just tickling me pink with this @!$#$^@#%$#!#% shots from Poseidon! And to think The Jung is just a cameo or something in the drama since he has got too many schedules, so imagine how many heart attacks I will have to go through if The Jung is going to be a part of the cast! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of paper. Go on, Jung, shoot me dead already!

Sorry, Diary, I cannot write anymore, my brain’s full of spazzes and squeals and waaaaaaaaah! @#$#^@^%#@$$^$%$&^#$ These boys are not good to my health. Especially to my cardiac health. Sigh.

Yunho-yaaaaah…. *dreamy look*



kara the fangirl


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