Dear Diary… ii [Stay Puft, Drugged Coffee and Amaya]

September 1, 2011 | Thor’s Day~!
114 sleeps till Kissmass~!

Playing: The Merry Carol Singers –  Frosty the Snowman
(This is my favourite Christmas carol when I was a kid, I love it when we’re singing it during Christmas shows! Viva La Frosty! Though somehow, I was confusing Frosty the Snowman with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of the Ghostbusters then. If you dunno who Frosty and Stay Puft is, like I bet Shang does not, then you have no childhood! *stomps foot*)

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Dear Diary,

Remember that café mocha I made yesterday which I said was yummy and did not make me feel hungry? Well, I think it’s got drugs.  And I swear on the little toe of my mama’s right foot, I DO NOT DO DRUGS! Only those legal ones, which is not frequently either. Up to now, I feel no hunger pains. Seems like that café mocha just stayed in my tummy, all soft and fluffy and never wanting to go out evar. My friends said that maybe it was just too much sugar that I don’t feel any hunger at all. I still think that it is drugs. *meeeep!*

It’s September now! Gaaaaaaaawd! I am changing my ringtone now to Jungle Bells. Jingle Balls. Shit, JINGLE BELLS. This is one of my favourite seasons of the year, it’s Kissmass! Though I am not sure about the Christmas rush and everything. Okay, why am I talking about Christmas shopping already? *ex-ci-ted* I was just saying, despite the rush and hurry and mobs of people in the mall that you must be a skeletal system if you can do shopping without bumping onto anyone, I just love the spirit of Christmas. Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la!

Okay, the next paragraph is my every English teacher’s nightmare but…

…last nights episode of amaya was sooooooooo amazing I was cheering my heart out for rajah mangubat to slap and slap and slap dian lamitan some more because that biatch deserves more than just a slap I want to stuff my brothers dirty and smelly socks in her mouth and tell her okay let us see what you can say now that you have been made into an uripon you filthy crazy addict of a mofo that you are and good for you that your sister did not take your side and instead backed up amaya against your lies you fat lying baby killing grandmother that you are you deserved to be bitten by amayas twin snake!

*takes a deep breath*

Wow! That was one long pauseless sentence. Did ya read it? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya? But yeah, I was sooooo much enjoying that episode of Amaya last night, I felt sooooo vindicated for Amayaaaaaaa! But the preview for tonight’s episode, ugh, I have a feeling that my blood pressure’s going to rise again. *growls*

Dropped by Booksale last night at the mall, and gaaaaaawd! They have soooo many manga’s on sale! I want to buy all of them, so are the hardbound books of James Patterson and John Grisham. Each book cost 170 pesos, waaaaaaaay cheaper than the original price of 900+ pesos for brand new hardbound books but still I am waiting for the 50 peso price sale. *cheapskate* *snickers* Why not? I got my handful of handbounds last year at 50 pesos per book, so 170 pesos is quite expensive for my standards now.

The Darkling’s here in North Korea* soooooo early in the morning, and … Okay, I dun want to talk about it anymore because I would be mentioning the vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiin China Gurl and I would just get pissed and irritated and all the awesome fluffy feelings of Christmassy would left me.

At the bookstore last night:

Marianne: Do you want to buy something? Pens? Paper?

My gawd, I went with her last night to the bookstore to buy sticker paper and board paper for her nephew. Poor girl has nooooo idea whatsoever what a sticker paper looks like and cannot tell a bond paper from a board paper. Good thing awesome-paper-crazy girl me was there with her.

Me: No, I don’t feel like buying any pens tonight. They have lousy pens in here. I want the pens at the other branch.

Marianne: I want to buy some paperbacks, but I still have some unread ones at home.

Me: I want hologram books.

Marianne: What?! What is a hologram book?

Me: Something I just thought of a few days ago. I want them hologramed so I can read while walking, while shopping, while bathing, while eating, while sleeping.

Marianne: *laughs* Crazy. They say iPod 5 has a projector like feature. Maybe that works with the e-books stored in the phone.

Me: Projector is sooooo out. I am waaaaaay beyond advanced for that. I want hologram books.

Have to go now, Diary! I have to make me my second cup of drugged coffee café mocha. Ta ta!

, K


I think Changmin Sim is HAWT. Be still my heart.


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