The Girl Who Broke My (Delusional Fangirl) Heart Into a Bajillion Pieces


Her. That girl. Yes, she. Park Min Yeong (박민영) is her name. I just can’t believe it. *bawling my eyes out*

Why? Because she is dating Lee Min Ho! That is why.

Why the big deal over it? Because!

Min Yeong, the girl who totally owned my heart in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and that is saying a lot because not every girl gets into my good books. You who I placed on a pedestal waaaaaaaaay higher than Tokyo Tower, my heroine, my kind of girl who can be a smartass and a sweetie and a nerd and a practical one at the same. Wae, Min Yeong-ah, wae?

My MulRang heart is broken. Because I want her with no one else but with Yucheon. Park Yucheon. Yes, THE CHUN.

So, why Lee Min Ho? Chunnie is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *breathes* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much better than Lee Min Ho! He may not be as pretty as Lee Min Ho (which I think looks like Tweety Bird, and I am ready to be bricked and choked and trampled to death with my statement but I am not taking it baaaaaack!) but but but but butt! (See awesome list below.)

  • The Chun has the charms.
  • The Chun has the sense of humour.
  • The Chun has the hottest Adam’s apple in the whole wide universe.
  • The Chun has the grease.
  • The Chun is a greaseball.
  • The Chun was and is a supahstar.
  • The Chun is scrawny and has a wide forehead.
  • The Chun really wants to touch himself.

I could list a number of things that The Chun is and has and will ever be, and I love The Chun moooooooooooooooorrreeeeee than pretty boy Lee Min Ho.

I am brokenhearted. That’s what I get for loving you tooooo much. You who made me grin like a moron on New Year’s Eve during the drama awards. You who made me dysfunctional for two days after the drama awards. You who made me slumped on the floor with nothing but plastered grin on my face. You who made me squeal and reel and experienced mini heart attacks watching your behind-the-scenes videos with The Chun, and major heart attacks watching the fatal Episode 17 2433265432235346 times and temporary paralysis slash stroke with the last scene of Sungkyunkwan Scandal 3542354376433254373425 times! Gawd, I even get out of the way of my fangirling tendencies, and the first and only fan fic that I made was of you and The Chun! Gaaaawd, can’t you tell how much I love you?

Now it’s over. I can’t even bring myself to watch City Hunter anymore, even if I told myself I am going to watch it sooner or later when I have the time. Now I can’t. It hurts. It hurts my fangirl heart. *sobs* I deleted my Track of you in Tumblr, still contemplating if I am going to delete my picture folder of you in my hard drive. I can’t listen to the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST anymore because it hurts me. I am sooooooo affected. So astronomically affected that I want to migrate to Antartica and mingle with the penguins and polar bears. Wait, are there polar bears in Antarctica? I will have to send over some polar bears to mingle with when I get to Antarctica.

Sorry, I can’t help it. OMG, Chun! *crawls on Chun’s lap and sobs* Just let me heal my broken heart, Min Yeong-ah.

Mood: Sad –

Playing: 김준수 – Too Love (Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST, oh nooooooooo!)


7 thoughts on “The Girl Who Broke My (Delusional Fangirl) Heart Into a Bajillion Pieces

  1. Indeed, they look too good together not to be suspected as a couple…hehehe…I also giggld like crazy watching all their giddy BTS during the drama and during the awards night…I keep on replaying their romantic parts for infinite times and I didn’t get tired of it…=D

  2. I too am a MulRang fan and I totally got heart-broken after hearing the dating news of Min Ho and Min Young…This was my first time shipping a couple this much as I have observed and believed that MulRang are not just casual friends, but based from the BTS and interviews, they are more than friends…I don’t know what happened but I always keep the faith for this couple…

    I really wanted ChunYoung to be real, and as long as they’re not yet married, there’s still a chance…but I still respect Min Young’s decision for now…

    1. Oh my! Another fan, hahaha! Well, I think I was just into too them when they were still together in SKKS and I think they are just toooo cute together, Yucheon and Minyeong I mean. So far, I respect Minyeong’s feelings and decision too but as of now, I don’t want to hear any news about them yet as I am still “healing my fangirling heart”, hahaha!

  3. Yeah, me too. You know how much of a fan of MulRang I am, sis, so you can just imagine how brokenhearted I am when I learned of that. Sigh. I’ll cuddle The Chun then.

    Just that Lee Min Ho not hurt Minyeong or else…

  4. Hi sis, finally i read this…awww i feel sad when i read this. Me too, i wish min yeong can be together chun in real. They are so good together. When I watched CH, I dunno I have a feeling that “what if they fall in love with each other”. But again, somehow what we expect, turns out different from reality 😦

    Sis, cheer up!!! I hope you feel better now….I don’t want you to feel sad when you watch SKKS again.

    Let’s wish, min yeong to be happy always with her decision 🙂

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