Soooooo, Who Locks Themselves Inside The House During a Four-Day Holiday?


Gaaaawd, that sounds like as if I have no social life with that, I mean, everybody’s busy and excited over the weekend, planning out of town trips and getaways but I locked myself in my room? For four days? Am I okay?

Reasons Why I Locked My Awesome Self Inside The Room During The Long Weekend:

  • I have no money. No moolah. No dough. Cashless. Broke. Purita. So, tell me, how am I supposed to go out and panic-buy notebooks, pens, pencils, books, papers, watch movies if I have no cold cash in exchange for those? Barter trade is soooo out, and I only have my awesome and more awesome dignity at hand, so you think they would take me as payment for this carnal joys?
  • The joys of PMS-ing. Gaaaaaaaaawd! In all my 20+x years existence here in this awesomeness called Earth, the first time that I have dysmenorrhoea this long. (Oh no, auto correct, don’t tell me my spelling for the moon flow cramps is incorrect. It is so; I just love British spelling because I do.) Anyways, I have been eating happy food (aka chocolate bars) and before they worked in shooing away the cramps but now it seems like them happy food are in a holiday too? Plus, I don’t feel like moving. A. Damn. Muscle. At. All.
  • Rainy days. It was kinda raining during the weekend. I am not sure for the rest of the days since I was locked in my room but the only time I went to take a peep out of the window, fo sho it was raining. Like every ten seconds. WTH, even weather has mood swings too! I hate going out when it is raining. I hate getting my feet wet with God knows what manner of water there is. I hate bringing umbrella. I hate wearing hoodies. I could list a million reasons why I do not like going out in the rain, but I can totally erased them in exchange for a free cup of hot coffee. Yes, I am as easy to get as that.

  • Reading galore. I dunno what has gotten into me but for the past month I have turned into a reading monster. A reading monster. I just want to lay in bed like a pig in her awesome pigsty and read to my fluffy heart’s content. Hey, I could never be out of town and have some parties, but I have been to places waaaaaaaaay much better than the ones in the real damn cruel world and had fun with awesome people like me. And read too much fics where the word awesome has been raped and abused and misused a lot of times, leading me to write this awesome blog with a lot of awesome words as awesome. Because I am as awesome as that. Deal with my awesomeness.

So far, I was happy being locked in during the long weekend. I got to finish my Katakana lessons, I get to start my Kanji (I am done with 10 characters so there are a couple of thousand left, which I hope will not kill me memorizing them), I got to re-read 4 John Grisham books and a hundred of fics. Wow, that is soooo nerdy. Awesome nerdy.

Mood: Sleepy –

Playing: TVXQ – I Don’t Know (I am totally luuuuuurrrrrvvvviiing Changmin’s screeches here. *squeeeee*)

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