Keep Calm and Do Changmin’s MIROTIC Scream

… because this is what I feel like doing right now! AAAAAAAAAAH! Someone’s been calling about the same thing again and again and again and again and I keep on telling him for about a million times that his message was already relayed to the person concerned, but still he keeps on calling! What the?! @!$#@#%#$%!@# Which part of my statement can’t he understand? He is supposed to be some director or something but he just sounds like a broken record.

I am not in my best attitude today because I am PMS-ing, people, so I am prickly and crabby and  insolent and moody, yo!

Now some people are making me look like an idiot. I have been asking them a question last night but I got no reply so okay. Let it be. Maybe they were off to bed or were doing something or they just missed my question and all the whatnot reasons I could think of. Okay, fine. I am good. Then I repeated the same question again this morning, but still I get no effin’ reply from them and to think they are just  … there! Don’t go asking me who are these people, it might be you.

I am just waiting for a good opportunity for my sweet revenge, yo! Just you wait for it. I’ll rub it nice and good on your cheeks. Arse cheeks.

To add more fumes, this freakin’ phone has been ringing for a bajillion times already – in succession! – and no one is answering on the other line. I am soooo really tempted to have it introduced to the glass door in front of me. In full force impact. Really.

Keep Calm? I cannot do so right now.

Do Changmin’s MIROTIC Scream? Will do it on any chance I got.

Edit: In case you do not know who Changmin (심창민) is, he is this gorgeous guy in my wallpaper right now. Okay, I’ve calmed down now, Changmin-ah.

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