Rambles of a Bookworm i

Another boring afternoon here in our North Korea*, and I cannot open some sites anymore to find something to read as almost all of them are BACK TO BLOCKED again! Gawd, in the name of all the WTF-ery!  I find myself wishing that I could have my books with me right now.

Honestly, I do not find myself going gaga with teevee dramas and the like lately, though there are a few that catches my attention, but if I missed watching them, I do not go ballistic.

If there is one thing I cannot do without, it’s reading. Am I nuts if I say that sometimes I wish there were page-laminated novels so I can read while taking a bath, or hologram e-books so I can read while walking? Hey, that could be possible, right? I am thinking futuristic and you read that first from me. Imagine if I have those hologram e-books, then it would not be hard for me to walk or jog for hours because my mind is occupied with something else while I am punishing my body. That would be awesome.

Some of my reading habits are harmful to my health and improper etiquette. (Kids, do not do this at home. Parental guidance is a must.)

  • I read while I eat.  My mama since forever always told me not to read while eating because it is not good manners, but still I do so. I tucked my book between plates, or if the book is kind of thick, I slipped it between the table and my thighs and yes, I eat with my head down, reading the pages between my legs.
  • I read in a moving vehicle. My father always tells me since forever too not to read in a moving vehicle because it would damaged the eyes. Did I listen? Of course not. I read while I am on the bus, on the train, in the jeepney, on the airplane. Gawd, I just can’t sit there and stare at nothing while travelling.
  • I read lying down. My reading position ever! I read somewhere that it is also bad for the eyes to read while lying down for reasons I did not care to read about since it goes against my favourite reading pose. I could lie in bed all day reading! I eat on the bed reading because I don’t want to go to the dining table to eat. “I can’t put down my book, mama!”
  • I read in the dark. The first time I got my hands and eyes on the Harry Potter series, I read for two days straight without sleeping. I just need to finish the first four books or else I will go crazy! I would not be getting any sleep either because my curiosity would keep me up awake. That was when I got into a major fight with my father. He turned off the main electric switch in the house so I can’t sneak read. I was sooooo pissed! Luckily, the bookworm gods smiled down on me and pointed me to the direction of my bedroom window where the streetlight was shining in all its glory. Hallelujah!

Sometimes I read using my phone’s light, a flashlight, a teeny weeny birthday candle. Worse I’ve ever done, I read with the flames of a gas stove. When asked what I was doing, I told my mama that I was hungry and that I was cooking noodles. Yeah, at 3 in the morning.

God bless whoever they are who invented pdf books. They made my life easier, not carrying around those big bulky books which save more space in my bag, making way for my bunch of pens and notebooks. But I love paper books still. The smell of paper and printing press and ink are love.

What I haven’t tried yet is reading with a mosquito coil, hahahaha! Gaaah, I am dreaming of those hologram e-books again. When will they be invented?


2 thoughts on “Rambles of a Bookworm i

  1. This is crazy..hahaha Pero ganon din ako reading while eating, sa bus, airplane and yes with just my CP’s light. The hologram thing true first ko narinig to..hehe who knows in the future magkaganyan

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