…and it all started (again!) when my frenemy-in-a-not-so-serious-sense Carms was asking the how’s and what’s of blogging, and then suddenly I have this urge to start blogging again. I dunno what made me stopped, I think it was the internet restriction in the old China that made me stopped coz when I think of something to write and talk about, I just have to do it right away or else the momentum would be gone and by the time that I am ready to write again, I dun have the excitement and the thrill and the initiative to do it. *stops to breathe* Plus when I have to write something, I have a feeling that my brain is in a constant marathon with my fingers. Maybe that is why written journals don’t work for me? I always have so much to wrtite about but my fingers can’t handle the pressure. Though I have a few of them when I was in high school and college, and I used pencil to write my entries because I hate erasures and I hate my notes and journals being messy. Yeah, I am one OC monster when it comes to writing and everything associated with paper and ink. I just can’t stand messy handwriting, other than my own.

I think my blogging skills now has ADHD. I just got off the phone talking to an ex-Yfilm employee (which means another blog entry for that, OMG, I could smell the birth of the sinful blog sooooon! Haha! ), and now I dunno what I was talking about before I got interrupted. *rolls eyes*

Now I am thinking of dropping some parts of my K-Pop fandom. They did nothing but give me heartaches lately, which is not fair because when it makes me happy, it really makes me real high happy, you know what I mean? Like you are grinning like a moron over something petty and yet you just can’t stop grinning about it and then every minute or two, you would exhale exaggeratedly and then squeal at the top of your lungs like a poked-in-the-butt dolphin. (Yes, I was thinking of Junsu Kim there, the butt and the dolphin mentions are all sooooo him, yah? *winks* ) But now what are they doing? All I read about was about Lee Min Ho dating Park Min Yeong and my world crashed. It has fallen into pieces like never before (okay, that was a bit OA, but I am on my drama queen mode, so stop interferring, thankyouverymuch.) and all the hopes in my heart for the Yucheon-Minyeong coupling just went poof! Just. Like. That. I mean, I couldn’t have cared less if they are dating or what, but THAT IS PARK MIN YEONG THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, THE ONE I TOTALLY WENT GAGA OVER THE LAST YEAR FOR SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL, for my sanity’s sake! I never realized that I still want her for Chunnie, danggit.

Anyways, I am taking a lie-low over this fandom for the meantime, unless my broken fangirl heart heals. *sobs* But I am not giving up my TEE-VEE-EX-CUE! Gawd, they are like one of the fewest things that keep me sane lately. For example, I found something that made me silently squeal in my seat, likeforgoodnesssakeitismakingmyheartburstintofluffycottoncandy!


Okay, so what actually is the moral lesson of this? Actually, do I really need to have one?


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