Dear Diary… i [Book Monster]

August 31, 2011
Happy Wumpy Humpday!

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Dear Diary,

So it is back to work again after a four day holiday, which I did nothing but read and read and read. I dunno what’s gotten into me but I have turned into a Bookenstein the past month. I think I have already said that in the previous blog.

It’s a happy happy humpday, and we are supposed to wear the pink uniform. (That uniform is listed under my horrific My-Uniform-is-Lousier-Than-Your-Uniform List.) Actually, I am aware that I should be wearing that fink thing, but I don’t like. It. A. Bit. So I decided to wear the sunshiney yellow Monday uniform instead, and pretended to forget the uniform for the day.

Kash: Huh? You’re wearing yellow! *looks down at her uniform*

Me: Yeah, and I see you are wearing fink.

Kash: But it’s a Wednesday today. Pink’s the uniform, right?

Me: *pretends to be in shock* Ohmygosh! :-0 Right! Oh well, I forgot.

Speaking of shock, this came as a shocker to me this morning. Nothing really major, just a few mini heart attacks that my poor yet fluffy heart can handle.

Me: *opens the drawer, saw the ihateyousomuchiwishyouwoulddiediedie Social Security forms* Kuya Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Are we supposed to submit these forms today, right? Because these forms should die every end of the month, right? *clutches chest*

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun: Not actually. End of the month is the payment deadline. Submission of the forms can be anytime. The important thing is the monthly payment.

Me: Oh. Phew. I thought it is due now. I was going to panic encode this forms, and I am not yet in the mood since I still have the long weekend hangover. So it’s procrastination morphine time!

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun: Uh, okay.

I just realized that the new employee’s name is Bernstein. He is called Tiny here, but he is anywhere near tiny in size. Bernstein. Bernstein. Sounds weird after saying it 4545235 times. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Bernstein. Okay, now I can’t get it out of my mind. *groans* I wonder how he survived grade school and high school with that name. That he managed to live through college years is a feat. If I have a name like that, I would wish Death to come and take me.

I made something nice today! Yay! Instead of my usual and ordinary coffee (which is more like creamer with a dash of coffee), I put Milo in it too and tadaaaaaa! Instant café mocha  I had one cup for today, and surprisingly, I did not crave for more coffee today after that one cup. Which is good, coz I am really trying to limit my coffee intake. Not good for my memory. I need my neurons for my Japanese lessons!

Speaking of Japanese lessons, I am done with my Katakana lessons over the weekend! がんばる! I am excited with my Kanji now, because I like drawing the Japanese kana. They look complicated too, which makes me feel smart knowing how to read them, hahaha! Gaaaaaawd, you just dunno how happy I am when I can read them and understand what they meant. All my hardwork is paying off!

But I am neglecting my Korean lessons. =( 미안 해요. I am doing good with it actually, but I just caught up with Japanese. Promise, baby, I will check on you soon. I’d been working hard on it too, don’t want it to go to waste. I’ve lost some brain cells over it too, you know.

My emoticon up there is lame. I wish I could do these cool (andかわいい ) Asian emotions but mine smileys are just too Americanised. Too boring. I need to tap my inner Asian creativity.

Phone’s ringing nonstop again! Gaaaaaaaah! Have a to go for a bit. See ya later~!  Toodles~♥


the awesome karassi


The Girl Who Broke My (Delusional Fangirl) Heart Into a Bajillion Pieces


Her. That girl. Yes, she. Park Min Yeong (박민영) is her name. I just can’t believe it. *bawling my eyes out*

Why? Because she is dating Lee Min Ho! That is why.

Why the big deal over it? Because!

Min Yeong, the girl who totally owned my heart in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and that is saying a lot because not every girl gets into my good books. You who I placed on a pedestal waaaaaaaaay higher than Tokyo Tower, my heroine, my kind of girl who can be a smartass and a sweetie and a nerd and a practical one at the same. Wae, Min Yeong-ah, wae?

My MulRang heart is broken. Because I want her with no one else but with Yucheon. Park Yucheon. Yes, THE CHUN.

So, why Lee Min Ho? Chunnie is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *breathes* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much better than Lee Min Ho! He may not be as pretty as Lee Min Ho (which I think looks like Tweety Bird, and I am ready to be bricked and choked and trampled to death with my statement but I am not taking it baaaaaack!) but but but but butt! (See awesome list below.)

  • The Chun has the charms.
  • The Chun has the sense of humour.
  • The Chun has the hottest Adam’s apple in the whole wide universe.
  • The Chun has the grease.
  • The Chun is a greaseball.
  • The Chun was and is a supahstar.
  • The Chun is scrawny and has a wide forehead.
  • The Chun really wants to touch himself.

I could list a number of things that The Chun is and has and will ever be, and I love The Chun moooooooooooooooorrreeeeee than pretty boy Lee Min Ho.

I am brokenhearted. That’s what I get for loving you tooooo much. You who made me grin like a moron on New Year’s Eve during the drama awards. You who made me dysfunctional for two days after the drama awards. You who made me slumped on the floor with nothing but plastered grin on my face. You who made me squeal and reel and experienced mini heart attacks watching your behind-the-scenes videos with The Chun, and major heart attacks watching the fatal Episode 17 2433265432235346 times and temporary paralysis slash stroke with the last scene of Sungkyunkwan Scandal 3542354376433254373425 times! Gawd, I even get out of the way of my fangirling tendencies, and the first and only fan fic that I made was of you and The Chun! Gaaaawd, can’t you tell how much I love you?

Now it’s over. I can’t even bring myself to watch City Hunter anymore, even if I told myself I am going to watch it sooner or later when I have the time. Now I can’t. It hurts. It hurts my fangirl heart. *sobs* I deleted my Track of you in Tumblr, still contemplating if I am going to delete my picture folder of you in my hard drive. I can’t listen to the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST anymore because it hurts me. I am sooooooo affected. So astronomically affected that I want to migrate to Antartica and mingle with the penguins and polar bears. Wait, are there polar bears in Antarctica? I will have to send over some polar bears to mingle with when I get to Antarctica.

Sorry, I can’t help it. OMG, Chun! *crawls on Chun’s lap and sobs* Just let me heal my broken heart, Min Yeong-ah.

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Soooooo, Who Locks Themselves Inside The House During a Four-Day Holiday?


Gaaaawd, that sounds like as if I have no social life with that, I mean, everybody’s busy and excited over the weekend, planning out of town trips and getaways but I locked myself in my room? For four days? Am I okay?

Reasons Why I Locked My Awesome Self Inside The Room During The Long Weekend:

  • I have no money. No moolah. No dough. Cashless. Broke. Purita. So, tell me, how am I supposed to go out and panic-buy notebooks, pens, pencils, books, papers, watch movies if I have no cold cash in exchange for those? Barter trade is soooo out, and I only have my awesome and more awesome dignity at hand, so you think they would take me as payment for this carnal joys?
  • The joys of PMS-ing. Gaaaaaaaaawd! In all my 20+x years existence here in this awesomeness called Earth, the first time that I have dysmenorrhoea this long. (Oh no, auto correct, don’t tell me my spelling for the moon flow cramps is incorrect. It is so; I just love British spelling because I do.) Anyways, I have been eating happy food (aka chocolate bars) and before they worked in shooing away the cramps but now it seems like them happy food are in a holiday too? Plus, I don’t feel like moving. A. Damn. Muscle. At. All.
  • Rainy days. It was kinda raining during the weekend. I am not sure for the rest of the days since I was locked in my room but the only time I went to take a peep out of the window, fo sho it was raining. Like every ten seconds. WTH, even weather has mood swings too! I hate going out when it is raining. I hate getting my feet wet with God knows what manner of water there is. I hate bringing umbrella. I hate wearing hoodies. I could list a million reasons why I do not like going out in the rain, but I can totally erased them in exchange for a free cup of hot coffee. Yes, I am as easy to get as that.

  • Reading galore. I dunno what has gotten into me but for the past month I have turned into a reading monster. A reading monster. I just want to lay in bed like a pig in her awesome pigsty and read to my fluffy heart’s content. Hey, I could never be out of town and have some parties, but I have been to places waaaaaaaaay much better than the ones in the real damn cruel world and had fun with awesome people like me. And read too much fics where the word awesome has been raped and abused and misused a lot of times, leading me to write this awesome blog with a lot of awesome words as awesome. Because I am as awesome as that. Deal with my awesomeness.

So far, I was happy being locked in during the long weekend. I got to finish my Katakana lessons, I get to start my Kanji (I am done with 10 characters so there are a couple of thousand left, which I hope will not kill me memorizing them), I got to re-read 4 John Grisham books and a hundred of fics. Wow, that is soooo nerdy. Awesome nerdy.

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Rambles of a Drama Queen

… or I say, less drama for me since yesterday. Except for the constant throbbing on the left side of my skull, which got me worried coz I was thinking brain cancer or worst, migraine, but was cured almost in an instant by a mug of coffee. Had moon flow cramps since Friday night, which is unusual coz these cramps only happen during the first day and with a good amount of chocolate bars, they will be gone. But on the third day? And for 2 consecutive days too? It made me stay in bed 90 percent of the time, which I am not complaining though coz I got my books, iPod, phone, pens and notebooks within an arm’s reach. Yeah, my bed practically looks like a giant desk, and I kinda like it that way.

Now that I have written about it, I realised that life without the drama is dun dun dun. Bo-oh-ring. But not really for me now, coz I have been reading like a maniac, and I have memorised my Katakana characters (whooopie!), so you can say, mentally I am stimulated, hah!

Fought with my brother the other night. Verbally. Or should I say, we growled more than exchanging words. Which is fun coz growling taps the inner animal in me. Sounds sexy too. Cause? He was talking back to mama in a way that made my ears ring. So I growled at him, he growled back. I growled louder, he did the same too. I screamed at him, he whimpered. Ha! Good thing I am the eldest, that was the only thing prolly holding him back from boxing me. But if he’s going to hit me, I’ll introduce his face to the wall in a rough manner. I can do that. Yes, without the guilt.

It’s not that I am brutal or without conscience or what. I just have low bullshit tolerance at times. Like the time when my bro punched our glass window when I just simply told him to lower down his voice when answering me. I guess puberty and PMS-y should not live in the same house. Anyway, the window broke, bro got blood dripping down his knuckles and he was screaming like an idiot that he was since he was scared of blood. He ran to my mama and my mama would not look at his wounds, much more tend to it coz she herself is scared of blood too. So he laid on the bed, holding his bleeding knuckle, screaming. My mama told me to look at his hand, and I said, “No. He knew what he did when he punched the window. He knew the consequences, but still did it. Even if he bleeds to death, I won’t tend his wounds. He’s being stupid.” I tossed him the antiseptic and a roll of gauze and told him, “What were you trying to prove? Be man enough to lick your own wounds.” Gawd, I was so pissed with him then.

Now, I feel like an evil sister.

These siblings of mine should know better than to piss me off and set my patience meter out of limits. I am nice and good and very patient with them, but step out of the line, and I can be a total idiot too. When my sister was pregnant with Summer, she was impossible. Like totally impossible and she nagged a lot. I forgot what she did to me that time that made my blood shoot up, but I found myself grabbing her hair, hitting her arms, kicking her. She was 6 months pregnant. See? I can be an idiot.

Going back to my reading now.

Keep Calm and Do Changmin’s MIROTIC Scream

… because this is what I feel like doing right now! AAAAAAAAAAH! Someone’s been calling about the same thing again and again and again and again and I keep on telling him for about a million times that his message was already relayed to the person concerned, but still he keeps on calling! What the?! @!$#@#%#$%!@# Which part of my statement can’t he understand? He is supposed to be some director or something but he just sounds like a broken record.

I am not in my best attitude today because I am PMS-ing, people, so I am prickly and crabby and  insolent and moody, yo!

Now some people are making me look like an idiot. I have been asking them a question last night but I got no reply so okay. Let it be. Maybe they were off to bed or were doing something or they just missed my question and all the whatnot reasons I could think of. Okay, fine. I am good. Then I repeated the same question again this morning, but still I get no effin’ reply from them and to think they are just  … there! Don’t go asking me who are these people, it might be you.

I am just waiting for a good opportunity for my sweet revenge, yo! Just you wait for it. I’ll rub it nice and good on your cheeks. Arse cheeks.

To add more fumes, this freakin’ phone has been ringing for a bajillion times already – in succession! – and no one is answering on the other line. I am soooo really tempted to have it introduced to the glass door in front of me. In full force impact. Really.

Keep Calm? I cannot do so right now.

Do Changmin’s MIROTIC Scream? Will do it on any chance I got.

Edit: In case you do not know who Changmin (심창민) is, he is this gorgeous guy in my wallpaper right now. Okay, I’ve calmed down now, Changmin-ah.

Rambles of a Bookworm iii

Aside from the Sweet Valley Twins series (consists of Sweet Valley Twins series, Sweet Valley High series and Sweet Valley University series, which I did not read much since they have become too liberated and Elizabeth and Todd broke up and my heart cannot handle it anymore! *sobs*), these are some of the book series which I devoured during the peak of my book nerdy phase:

I found a book listing of all the Sweet Valley books published on Wikipedia and I highlighted those books that I have read, and my gawd, I think I highlighted almost everything! If you care enough to know, click here.

I seriously envy the person who owns these original Hardy Boys hardbounds.

…and I have my share of “smart women’s porn” books too, OMG! Hahaha! If you ever happened to read these books, you will know why. 😉 Gawd, I was not even legal to read these then. I wonder why these were not banned in our school before.

  • Jude Deveraux’s The Montgomery/Taggert Family series
  • Nora Roberts – She has this book that I like a lot but I did not know the title because it was just borrowed from a classmate and the front cover was torn. All I have are the characters’ names: Kane and Diana. So if any of you knows what book it is, please do tell. Up to this day, it still bothers me.
  • Mills and Boon romance novels
  • Harlequin romance

Gawd, why do I feel embarrassed posting those porn novels? Hahahaha!

College days I started reading fantasy/epic books. The first book was TheEye of The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. It was a different alternate universe for me, and I was soooo engrossed into it I read 800+ pages of it in just two days! That’s equivalent to 9 Hardy Boys paperbacks, 16.66 pages/hour. Well, that is not bad. But the names of the people and the places sound foreign and exotic, and they have superpowers and waaaaah! They are fantastic. Until Rand the main character acted like a spoiled and I began to dislike him, so I just threw the book against the wall and stopped reading. Wow, after the eighth book, I stopped reading.

Some of the epic/fantasy books I read:

  • The Wheel of Time series (up to the eighth book only)
  • The Sword of Truth series (11 books)
  • The Hobbit + The Lord of The Rings trilogy
  • The Chronicles of Narnia (7 books)
  • The Harry Potter series (7 books)

Surprisingly, I had a good social life back then – up to now! I am not that nerdy after all, woohoo!

To make up for the embarrassment of reading smart women’s porn, I also now read science fiction, legal thrillers, drama thrillers, and some Christian fiction.

  • Michael Crichton – The Andromeda Strain, The Terminal Man, Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, Rising Sun, Disclosure, The Lost World.
  • John Grisham – The Firm, A Time To Kill, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Chamber, The Rainmaker, The Runaway Jury, The Partner, The Street Lawyer, The Brethren, The Summons.
  • Jeffrey Archer – Kane and Abel;  Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less; A Matter of Honour
  • James Patterson – Double Cross, Cross Country, Cross Fire. I seriously need to get more of his books.
  • Jeffery Deaver – Roadside Crosses
  • Dean Koontz – Velocity. I have another book of his at home, but I haven’t read it yet.
  • David Baldacci – The Simple Truth, Last Man Standing, First Family
  • Dan Brown – Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code
  • Frank Perreti – This Present Darkness, Piercing The Darkness, The Oath. Highly recommended.

One series that I cannot bring myself to read: The Twillight series. I repelled it. No matter how hard I tried to like it and read it, I just can’t. It is depressing, it bores me, I hate the characters.

Rambles of a Bookworm ii

My earliest memory as a kid was of books, with books. I cannot sleep if my mama won’t read me a story, or if I cannot read, a habit that I have until now. My bed was never without books scattering about or under the pillows. When I was four, I have this thick preschool encyclopaedia book of nursery rhymes and stories which you don’t usually see in the children’s section anymore. The Five Chinese Brothers, Henry and The Newspaper Route, Beezus and Ramona, The Velveteen Rabbit, Gulliver’s Travels, The Gold Bug, Rip van Winkle, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were some of my first stories. I just realized that these classics came first before the fairy tales.

Darkling* and his band of brothers used to have these reading books from school which were handed down to me. Philippine legends (Ang Alamat ng Pinya, Ang Alamat ng Sampalok, Ang Alamat ng Niyog, Ang Alamat ng Talong, Ang Alamat ng Ampalaya, Ang Alamat ng Bahay Kubo, hahahaha! The last three were just a product of my distorted mind, my gawd, why are these legends all about fruits and vegetables?), tales of Juan Tamad, these Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. I was and still am fond of Loki, the god of mischief, and the story of him giving Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer to the giants, causing Thor to crossdress in order to get back his hammer, is one of my favourites. Beowulf and Grendel, Heidi, Nibelungenlied, Jason and The Argonauts, King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table, even stories of Carlo and Rita, oh my gawd, does anyone still remember them?! Hahahaha! Carlo and Rita were like the model kids back then for good manners and right conduct.

Does anyone remember The Berenstain Bears? Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Honey Bear? Awwww, I miss these books, I used to hog them all to myself during kindergarten days, waiting in the library for my father to pick me up from school. When I get very very rich some day, I will buy all The Berenstain Bears books out there for my collection. The Golden Books also are soooooo classic! I think I read all of the Golden Books in our kindergarten library, I too want them in my collection. Please, God, let me be rich now! These books cost silver and gold nowadays!

But I never really read paperbacks until I was in high school. My friend Elizabeth asked me if I like reading and I said yes, and she asked me what books I read, and if I read Sweet Valley Twins. I said no, I never read anything of the series, and I asked her if it was any good. Said she that it is, maybe it was really good since I always see her reading that book during our free time. She lent me 2 Sweet Valley Twins books to read over the weekend. I told her that I am okay with 1 book only since I might not finished it right away. I got the feeling way back then that it would take me months to finish one paperback. I started reading when I got home from school and 2 hours later, I was dialing Elizabeth’s number.

Me: Liz! How many Sweet Valley Twins do you have there?

Liz: Around 20. (She is a fan and a SVT collector, I loved her to pieces.) Why?

Me: I finished reading your book. I was thinking you could bring some more tomorrow?

Liz: Oh, you’re done? Haha! Okay, I will bring you 3 books tomorrow.

Me: Yay! Thanks, Liz!

Liz: You know what? Come to our house on Saturday, or you can go with me to my ballet class and after that, we will have a reading session at home.

Me: I would love that! See you on school tomorrow!