Escalators Are Working!

Good morning, it’s a hot hot Wednesday morning again! Though I am quite happy that the escalators in Shaw Blvd station are working again! Yeeebah! It is such a torture (for someone weight-challenged like me) to climb up and go down those gazillion steps every morning to catch the uber crowded train, especially when you are running late. Hahahaha! I could do the banana dance in the escalators, thankyouverymuch Lord! 

I hope this is not just for today. Hoping so so so much! *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*


[Scribbles] Ma’Shiara

a love that can never be
hardened heart, closed mind
forced to shut up
cries fell on deaf ears
heart bleeds for love lost
trust lost, spirit broken
days of bliss
are mere memories
why take it away
held you up in a pedestal
respect, love
now crumbled
now dead
now in ashes
save me
cling to your wings
lift me up
have to move on
scarred, bruised
in time healing comes
smiles on my face again
more stronger
more able
loved, cared
but not of you.

*From the fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.