So, Thursdays Are My Bitch Days

Since we moved office last 2 months ago, Thursdays have become the most dreaded day of my week. How I love being pushed, stepped on, shoved, clamped inside the train of horrors (a.k.a MRT). Sarcasm overload. I am so not used to it, and it’s even horrifying to take the bus coz the nearest bus stop is like miles awaaaaay from the jeep stop. I have to walk in the not-so-posh urine-scented sidewalk in Magallanes. Lovely. Nah, that is so so not in my list. Scratch it off! That leaves me with no choice at all but to take the horror train. Poor me, ain’t I?

That I can deal with since it’s only once a week, but it’s been 2 weeks now that we don’t have a carpool! Can you imagine the horror and the trauma it brought me? It is waaaay beyond imagination! This is ferosche NOT funny!